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Sleep Tip #26 Exercise Daily But Not Before Bed

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Exercise! It’s a great and healthy way to not only keep your body in shape but also help you get a better night’s rest. If you haven’t exercised that day then you can start to notice how much harder it is to get to sleep. With all of our varying schedules, there can be more of a struggle to find the optimum time to exercise as well as stay consistent. One very important item though that you may not have considered while looking to get in your daily run, swim, bike ride, or weight lifting is the time in which you plan to actually do it.

To help you see what may be of most benefit for your body and for your state of mind, we recommend that you ensure that you do not exercise 3 hours before bedtime. That is the optimum choice, but if you do have to just because of your busy life schedule then give your body at least 90 minutes to wind down after your workout, before going to bed.

Not following this advice can make it a lot harder to sleep. Your heart is still working hard bringing oxygen to your muscles, and your adrenaline is still flowing through your system making it difficult to feel tired and ready for sleep. During the time that you are slowing your body down, you can settle down to read a book or magazine, have a nice calming cup of tea, or listen to calming music to help prepare your body for rest. Avoid electronics or a lot of light, and try as much as possible to have a calm environment, and bed for sleep.  

An uncomfortable mattress can also hinder your sleep. If you follow this sleep tip and more but still have a hard time sleeping then it may be time to look into a new mattress. Our sleep experts at all of our locations throughout Las Vegas, St. George, and Mesquite are ready to help you find one that fits your sleeping habits and lifestyle.  Visit your nearest store location today and our friendly, knowledgeable sleep experts, find you a mattress and even deliver it the same day! We look forward to seeing you and helping you get the best sleep of your life!