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Sleep Tip #2 President’s Day

Happy Presidents Day From Best Mattress

Happy President’s Day From Best Mattress!


If you were lucky enough to enjoy a three-day weekend for President’s Day, you might have taken the time to sleep in or treat yourself to an afternoon siesta. We all love a good nap, especially if we haven’t felt like we have been getting enough sleep. Something that may not always be known, but improving your sleep habits is an essential pillar of better health!

Recent studies have found that loss of sleep can be caused by our dependence of our hand-held digital devices, such as our smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gamble, from Sydney, Australia’s Woolcock Insomnia Clinic has mentioned two things that electronic devices can do that will negatively affect our natural sleeping pattern.

  1. Electronic devices emit artificial light and when we are laying in bed checking our Facebook or playing some Candy Crush before bed; they are often held close to your face. The light starts to suppress melatonin, a natural chemical that helps us sleep, which then makes it harder to fall asleep.
  2. The second problem is the fact that we are using these devices in bed!  This unfortunately creates a learned association between the bed as being a place of study or work or socializing, rather than using our bed for sleep only.

Start now to make changes in your nightly habits to not use your phone before bed, and use your bed mainly as a place to sleep rather than a desk. It can be a hard habit to break as we are all so much more dependent on these gadgets than ever before! For all you electronic device addicts, try this sleep tip out and share your results with us on our Facebook page.

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