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Searching for the best mattress? Our guide can help.

Beautyrest mattress, one of the best mattresses to sleep on, sits in a well light stylish room decorated with colors of light gray, white, and turquoise.

Choosing a mattress that best meets your sleeping needs can be a difficult process, and with something that can have so great an impact on your rest and wellbeing, the decision has greater consequences than many realize. Too soft a mattress and some sleepers may lack the support they need, which can result in poor back or hip alignment. Too much firmness and sleepers are likely to wake up in pain from excess pressure, if they are able to fall asleep at all. Firmness, temperature, durability, and pressure distribution are just some of the factors to consider when finding the mattress that suits your needs, and the makers of the Beautyrest Black mattress series have taken them all into account. From the added support of the L-class Extra Firm model to the luxuriant softness of the K-Class Ultra Soft Pillowtop variety, Beautyrest has stopped at nothing to provide their customers with the options they need to get the exact mattress of their dreams. No matter what model you choose, here are just a few things that make the Beautyrest Black the one mattress you can count on to give you the sleep you need for years to come.

T3 Pocketed Coil Technology

When selecting a mattress, one of the most important variables to consider is the firmness and support you need. Unlike standard mattress coils, the T3 Pocketed Coil Technology features a coil system of three intertwined stainless steel cords, similar to steel cables that uphold a suspension bridge. The result is that each coil has superior energy-dissipating capability, thereby reducing disturbances to your partner and still offering the support needed for a healthy night’s sleep. Each row of T3 pocketed coils is alternated with standard springs so that varying pressure distributions can be felt throughout the mattress, making for the optimum night’s sleep.

Those seeking the firmest mattress possible can find the support they need from the L-Class Extra Firm model, while the K-class Ultra Plush pillowtop model offers the softest sleeping experience, with the C-class Medium providing a balance between the two.

BlackICE 4.0 Cooling Features

The makers of the Beautyrest mattress series have developed a gauntlet of innovative cooling technology that they’ve implemented into each model to keep you from overheating, even during the hottest nights. Here are the four design features built into every Beautyrest mattress that will give you the coolest night’s sleep possible:

  1. A top layer of phase-changing material – The first layer of foam within the mattress is infused with PCM beads, which melt as the heat from your body warms them. As they do so, the temperature of the actual mattress remains the same, keeping you from overheating as a result of a warmed mattress.
  2. A second layer of PCM beads – If your body heat has melted the entire first row of these cooling pearls, this layer will provide more of the heat transfer you need to keep you comfortable.
  3. Silver flecks are dispersed across the third layer – Silver is a conductor, so it enables heat transfer very effectively. With these particles distributed throughout the foam, the entire mattress is able to conduct heat away from your body to keep you from getting too warm.
  4. SilkAir layer – This fibrous bottom layer has more channels for airflow than most foam surface layers, allowing for more air movement and heat removal to keep the mattress cooler than counterparts with solid foam layers at the bottom surface.

With all these systems working together, the makers of the Beautyrest mattress have found that Beautyrest models featuring the BlackICE 4.0 cooling suite stay up to two degrees cooler for as long as 30 minutes. It should be noted that the BlackICE 4.0 cooling features are built into the L, C, and K varieties.


While the T3 Pocketed Coils are present in all classes of the Beautyrest Black to ensure maximum firmness and support, the cushioning present within each model varies to give the customer the ability to choose the softness level that’s right for them. The L-class Ultra Firm possesses the least amount of memory foam, so those seeking a highly supportive and structured mattress may benefit from this model. However, the L-class does also come in a plush pillowtop variety, so those looking for a supportive mattress that still possesses some degree of softness may appreciate this option.

The C-class offers a balance between cushioning and firmness and provides a medium memory foam feel. The extra cushioning provided by the C-class comes from the RightTemp memory foam layer, which is made of graphite to provide up to 20% more cooling than its L-class counterpart.

The K-class is the softest of the three models and would be ideal for sleepers who prefer to be cradled by their mattress. The softness from this variety is due to the multi-layer memory foam and nano-spring cushioning system, which consists of a series of small-diameter foam pockets called nano-coils sandwiched between the RightTemp graphite memory foam and Beautyrest gel-foam layers. These layers provide maximum conformity to your body’s curvature, giving sleepers the softest resting experience that Beautyrest has to offer. For those in need of even further cushioning, an extra-plush pillowtop model offers yet another memory foam layer.

The Beautyrest manufacturers have seen to it that most sizes and bed frames can be accommodated, so furniture and spacing won’t be a problem. All models of the Beautyrest Black come in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, and are available for traditional, adjustable, box spring and platform bed frames as well.

With so many different types of mattresses to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This list of Beautyrest models can help you choose which option is best for you. The best thing to do would be to try them out and see which mattress best suits your needs. One thing is certain, though: from the sleek, stylish look, to the innovative BlackICE cooling system, to the varying degrees of cushioning and support, you’re sure to find the mattress of your dreams!

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