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Have a Safe Holiday this Winter!

Happy Holidays from Best Mattress in Las Vegas and St. George Utah

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year when holiday travel sneaks up and suddenly, you’re paying for over-priced plane tickets or driving on slushy roads cursing other drivers for going too fast (or too slow). Holiday travel can get hairy, but with the right precautions, you can have a more pleasant experience, starting with a good night’s rest.

Tip #1: Get your beauty sleep!

There’s nothing that helps you travel better than getting enough sleep beforehand. When your rested, your mood is better, your tolerance for others is higher, and you can think more clearly (did we pack our pajamas…?). You’ll also be much more alert, which is especially important when driving. Having gotten sufficient sleep, your reaction time is quickened, helping you hit those brakes or make that swerve before disaster happens. Best Mattress can help you get the rest you need before your trip.

Tip #2: Be prepared

You never know what will go wrong (or right) on a trip, and when you have kids involved, you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way. When traveling by car, make sure to have a 72-hour kit packed away with food, water, emergency flares, and some kind of heat source (at least a blanket). If you break down somewhere, you want to be able to wait for help. If you need meds or diapers, be sure to pack extra.

Tip #3: Take advantage of those apps

There are approximately a bazillion travel apps (we may be exaggerating here) that will help you have a more pleasant holiday travel experience. You can track your flights, see what’s on time, what’s late, and what’s getting de-iced. You’ll see if flights are overbooked, if your hotel has free upgrades, and how nice your Uber driver is. Take advantage of whatever apps are going to be the most useful for your trip and use them to prepare, save money, save time, and leave reviews for others to rely on.

Tip #4: Charge it!

Make sure all those electronics are fully charged, or tracking your flight won’t be possible for very long. Nothing is worse than realizing you only have 9% left and you still need to use the map app to get where you’re going.

Everyone at our Best Mattress stores in Las Vegas, Mesquite, & St. George, wish you a safe and sleepy holiday season!