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You Ready for a Committed Relationship With Your Mattress?

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When you think about it, we all spend a lot of time in bed. Having a mattress you can count on to bring you a good night of rest is important. Thinking of your mattress like a relationship is a good way to determine how long you should stay with the same mattress and when it’s time to let go. When your mattress just isn’t supporting you and starts to let you down, it is time to move on to a mattress that has your back again.

The first year: This is when things are pretty great. You are still adjusting to each other. You probably bought new sheets and blankets to showcase your new relationship with your mattress.

Years 2-3: This is a great time! You have both gotten used to each other. The mattress is still new and exciting but has also adjusted to your shape. You know what to expect and get both support and comfort from your mattress. Keeping your bedding clean and buying a new bedspread can help keep the magic alive.

Years 3-4: You’ve been through a lot together. All those stresses in your life and times when you just need to sleep all day. There is some strain to be had, but, overall, things are still really good!

Years 5-6: Things are still going alright. You are noticing though that you aren’t getting as much comfort and support out of the relationship with your bed as you used to. Sometimes you feel pain and aren’t able to sleep or stay asleep. Now you’ll probably start to rethink this relationship.

Years 7-8: You are thankful for all that you and your mattress have shared. You have enjoyed many a good night’s rest together with the support and comfort you received. But, you know it’s time to move on. You aren’t getting what you need out of your mattress and don’t feel rested anymore. You feel more stressed.

Year 8 and above: It’s time to move on. You know that things have reached your breaking point. You are sad to let your mattress go. But, the mattress knows this is best decision for both of you.

Obviously, you and your mattress aren’t really in a relationship. But, it is important to know when to let an old mattress go! After about eight years, your mattress will sag and lose the support it once had.

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