Serta iComfort CF1000-Medium MattressSerta iComfort CF1000-Medium Mattress

Serta® iComfort Limited Edition Plush

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If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new mattress, the bed of your dreams is only a trip to one of our Best Mattress stores away. A high-quality mattress that will improve your sleep quality is the least you deserve given that it could impact your daily life for years to come. Come discover the benefits by visiting one of our showrooms in Las Vegas or St. George today.

The Serta® iComfort® mattress is neither too soft nor too firm, so you won’t be tossing and turning to get comfy. The mattress is designed using EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam, to dissipate heat and enhance airflow. With the breathable knit cover, you will feel cool and cozy the second that you get into bed.

EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam

The EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam helps your body to cool down as you sleep, by channeling heat away and improving airflow.

What are the benefits of the Serta® iComfort® Limited edition Mattress?

The best thing about the Serta® iComfort® Mattress is that it’s the perfect combination of soft and firm. It’s soft, yet without being too plush to offer full support for your body. It’s an excellent mattress for pressure relief, so it’s great for those that suffer aches and pains.

The Serta® iComfort® Mattress offers minimal motion transfer. This is ideal for light sleepers as it is not likely that you will be disturbed by your partner moving or rising from bed.

The iComfort® mattress adapts to the shape of your body as you sleep and move, so you are not likely to wake up with muscle tension.

A mattress that’s too hard or too soft is a major cause of discomfort in both the lower back and the neck. To improve your health and gain the support that you need, the Serta® iComfort® Mattress is a great option.

Our 120 Day Sleep Guarantee

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision. Best Mattress understands how essential a good night’s sleep is, and we guarantee that you will have a comfortable and satisfying sleep on your new mattress. If you are not 100% satisfied with the comfort of your mattress within 120 days of your purchase, we will do whatever we can to make sure you are sleeping well. Best Mattress is committed to helping you find the perfect mattress to give you a healthy night’s sleep.

120 Day Sleep Guarantee Details

Your body takes time to adjust properly to a new mattress, so we require you to sleep on your newly purchased mattress for at least 30 days. If you are not happy with your mattress prior to the 120th day, you can exchange your mattress without any re-stocking fees, just a nominal delivery fee. If you can not find a mattress that you like and would prefer a return, there will be a 20% re-stocking fee plus the delivery fee.

Who Is Serta®?

Serta® is the top mattress manufacturer in America. They provide a variety of mattresses from innerspring to memory foam and cooling technology. Serta® mattresses are also catered to a range of budgets.

Each mattress is designed to offer incredible comfort and improved sleep. The gel memory foam inside the mattresses provides motion-support, improved airflow and heat reduction. Some Serta® mattresses offer advanced pressure relief, and the latest cooling technology to take your sleep to the next level!

When choosing the right mattress, Serta® is a brand you can trust with the latest sleep technology and quality materials for a better night’s sleep.

Why purchase from Best Mattress?

Best Mattress continues to grow with many locations across Utah and Nevada in the last 25 years. Our amazing growth and acquired expertise is the result of putting the customer first every time. At Best Mattress, our mission is to help you to sleep better, and use our success to give back to the local community.

We only offer the best quality brands and we take our job of finding you the right mattress very seriously! We understand that the perfect mattress means improved sleep quality, enhanced well-being, and better health.

At Best Mattress, we have a team of sleep experts who are ready and waiting to help you with your comfort test. We use our famous comfort tests to pair the right people with the right mattresses, and believe us–we deliver!