Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm Mattress

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The King Koil Westlake Luxury Firm Euro Top combines many comfort and support layers for enhanced sleep. These layers include:
ContourFlex Pro Encased Coil System: lowers motion disturbance and body pressure points
2000 Perimeter Zoned Micro Coils: strategically positioned support zones
4#RMF (Responsive Memory Foam): a luxury high-density memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body
Super Stretch Tencel Fabric: breathable and natural fabric offering pressure relief and reduced motion transfer
Tailormade Tufting: ensures years of comfortable and consistent sleep

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The Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm is the most premium hybrid in the Posturepedic® Collection. This mattress features upgraded cooling for additional comfort. The soft knit cover with SealyChill™ is cool to the touch. The tightly packed layer of motion-reducing Response Pro Encased Coils, ComfortSense™ Premium Memory Foam, and gel foam delivers breathable support. The DuraFlex™ Coil Edge increases durability. The cover is treated with Surface-Guard Technology™ to keep the mattress protected. Available in a Soft or Firm feel.

One of the finest, high-end mattresses from our Posturepedic® Collection is the Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm. It is a 13-inch-thick hybrid mattress that offers a superior sleeping experience for those who like a firm mattress. With dynamic layers, this mattress provides exceptional support and luxurious comfort for a good night’s sleep. Our deluxe ComfortSense™ Gel Memory Foam and SealySupport™ Gel Foam wrap around every curve and contour of your body, cradling you gently in a supportive hug.

Further, the cooling cover and breathable top layer, engineered with SealyChill™ and Surface-Guard Technology™ allow you to remain cool and dry all night long.

Finally, the special Response Pro Encased Coils and DuraFlex™ Coil Edge delivers a firm and supportive foundation, allowing for excellent motion transfer, and proper edge support. Our selection of premium materials and careful construction of the Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm makes it possible for you to receive a long-awaited and well-deserved restful sleep.

The Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm is composed of dynamic layers, each providing precisely what you need to ensure your bed is a haven of blissful relaxation and pressure and pain-relieving support. We encourage you to explore the unique benefits of each of our hybrid mattress layers:

ComfortLoft™ Cover with SealyChill™ and Surface-Guard Technology™

Our first layer is a heavenly soft knit cover, delighting your senses and keeping you comfortable all night long. In Las Vegas and St. George heat, you definitely want to keep your cool during those long spring and summer nights. Fortunately, we have equipped the initial layer with our advanced cooling material. SealyChill™ will certainly keep you cool and dry, especially when compared to traditional foam mattresses which may trap heat and moisture.

Further, we have designed this cover with state-of-the-art Surface-Guard Technology™ to protect your mattress from any bacteria, common allergens, odors, or stain-causing liquids. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your mattress goes the extra mile to keep you healthy.

ComfortSense™ Gel Memory Foam

The comfort layer of the Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm mattress is ComfortSense™ Premium Memory Foam. This body-contouring memory foam provides a number of outstanding benefits for any sleeper. The memory foam conforms to every curve of your body while evenly distributing your weight across the mattress surface. Ultimately, it delivers exquisite pressure relief for areas of your body that typically bear weight and tension throughout the day. Further, this allows for correcting posture and restoring natural spinal alignment.

Gone are the days of waking up with severe neck, back, lumbar, or hip pain. As an additional bonus, you never need to worry about switching into uncomfortable positions throughout the night. This memory foam gently adapts to your movements to once again wrap your body in luxe comfort.

SealySupport™ Gel Foam

Underneath our comfort layers, we have designed special support layers. The first support layer is our unique SealySupport™ Gel Foam. This is a dense and sturdy gel foam layer that holds up the comfort layers, granting a firm surface.

Response Pro Encased Coils

Our Response Pro Encased Coils system is what truly raises the Sealy Hybrid Lacey Firm mattress to the elite ranks. As each coil is wrapped in its own fabric pocket, a single coil will only respond if weight or pressure is applied to its specific area. In essence, this will allow for customized support for your body, only applying tension where your body needs it such as the upper spine and hips. Likewise, this allows relaxation from the memory foam layers where your body needs it most such as the lumbar area. Further, the enclosed design provides excellent motion transfer. This is great news for a sleeping partner or anyone who is movement-sensitive, as your movements will never disturb you or your partner’s slumber.

DuraFlex™ Coil Edge

DuraFlex™ Coil enforced edges mean your mattress sides will remain firm and taut when weight is applied to its surface. Certainly, getting in and out of bed will be an easy and effortless experience, even for those with mobility issues or chronic pain. Moreover, the incredible edge support boasts a sag-free or indentation-free sleeping experience over a long time. When paired with an adjustable mattress base, you will reap remarkable durability and flexibility.