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The Purple® Mattress Protector does its job without preventing you from feeling the true comfort of your mattress. Protect your bed from kids, pets, food, and whatever else life throws at it with a five-sided dual defense. The protector is also stain-resistant and machine-washable so it’s super easy to clean and comes out looking new every time.


  • Five-sided Dual-layer defense safeguards your mattress from stains and messes
  • Stretches so you feel the full comfort of your mattress
  • No-crinkle protection so you sleep in silence
  • Breathable fabric allows cooling airflow
  • Works on any mattress up to 15″ tall
  • Dust Mite and Dander Barrier
  • Machine Washable
  • Fits mattresses up to 15″ tall

The Purple Mattress Protector shields your mattress from water, food, stains, pets. Each protector has a five-sided dual water-proof protection. In addition, the soft fabric makes for a comfy feel and is pleasantly quiet when you move. With up to 15″ depth, the Purple mattress protector can fit snugly across all corners of your bed.

Key Features

Dual mattress protector: Each Purple mattress protector has two layers: the top liquid absorbent polyester-spandex layer, and the second, water-resistant TPU layer. Combined, the two materials create water and stain resistance protection for your mattress.

Five-sided protection: Stains, allergens, fluids destroy the sides of your mattress too. A mattress protector with deep pockets is the ideal solution for a bed with a thick luxury mattress.

Hypo-allergenic material: The top polyester-spandex layer protects you from sneezing and irritation caused by dust mites, mold, and other allergens. In addition, the TPU polyurethane water-resistant layer shields the mattress from moisture penetration, which encourages mold growth. Finally, with a quick machine wash, you can keep your bedding free of any allergy triggers.

Size variety: The Purple mattress protector is available in seven sizes—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal king, and Split king.

Snug fit: The stretchy fabric fits your mattress evenly on all ends to create a snug, comfortable cover for your mattress.

Quiet comfort: Eliminates crinkles and paper-like noises. You can sleep peacefully without any noise.

Easy maintenance: You can machine wash your Purple Mattress protector for fresh bedding.

The Purple Mattress Protector Advantage

Stains, fluids, or pet dander on a luxury mattress affect the quality of your sleep.

With the Purple mattress protector, you can ensure your mattress’s longevity, cleanliness, and comfort. A quality mattress protector is your shield against beverage stains when you enjoy breakfast in bed or pet dander when your furry friends enjoy cuddles.

Have peace of mind against body fluids, which are common to all. Ultimately, replacing a quality mattress is a costly investment, so it’s easier to care for the one you own.

Snug-Fitting for Ultimate Comfort

We all know the frustration of an ill-fitting mattress protector. A poorly-fitting one may not cover parts of your bed, and the hips and dips may not be adequate for the size of your mattress. If it doesn’t fit, it may fold and fail to provide a smooth mattress top. You may find it impossible to spread your bed smoothly.

The Purple mattress protector is 15″ deep to provide adequate room for thick mattresses. With this protector, you can spread your bedding smoothly and protect the exposed five sides of your mattress.

Protection from Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny insects, barely visible to the human eye, that linger on bedding and feed on dead human skin.

When you sleep on your bed, you shed dead skin, which then accumulates. Accompanied with sweating, your bed becomes a suitable breeding ground for dust mites. Fortunately, using clean bedding reduces the risk of developing dust mites.

The Purple mattress protector shields your mattress from dead skin cells and body fluids that create a moist environment, such as sweat or urine. The outer absorbent layer distributes fluid, while the inner water-resistant layer prevents fluid from soaking through.

Furthermore, the Purple mattress protector is easy to maintain on a machine wash and a tumble dry low spin. Ultimately, it’s easier to clean a mattress protector regularly than to clean a mattress.

Soft and Comfortable

The plastic feeling of an uncomfortable mattress protector makes it impossible to look forward to sleep. Also, if your mattress feels paper-like and rigid, it may not spread evenly across the bed and break the water-proof barrier during spreading.

A soft mattress protector with water-proof yet stretchable and durable fabric is the right addition to your bedding. The Purple mattress protector has two layers to provide a soft, stretchable, and water-proof layer.

The top polyester-spandex layer is soft and safe on the skin. In contrast, the second TPU polyurethane layer is water-proof yet tear-resistant to fit smoothly across your mattress without crinkling like plastic.

Water Resistance

Whether you are potty training or dealing with a bedwetting scenario, you need a water-resistant mattress protector. The Purple Mattress protector stops bodily fluids, beverages, and pet urine from seeping into your mattress and ruining your sleep.

You can confidently put your kids to sleep even in your bed, even when they struggle with bedwetting. You can also rest easy during pet cuddles and say goodbye to strong odors and urine stains.

A Purple mattress protector is an ideal shield against environmental contaminants that destroy your mattress. Find a store in Las Vegas and St. George today.

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