Posh+Lavish 3-inch Pillow Top TopperPosh+Lavish 3-inch Pillow Top Topper

Posh+Lavish 3 Inch True Pillow Top Topper

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Are you looking for the ultimate, soft, deluxe mattress for a fantastic night of sleep? Then you need to explore the Posh+Lavish 3 Inch True Pillow Top mattress. This product is guaranteed to impress and provide you with the fantastic level of rest that you deserve.

With an elegant and luxurious design, this mattress doesn’t just feel fantastic, it looks beautiful. You’ll be delighted with the aesthetic it adds to your bedroom.

Made of Environmentally Safe Materials

The product has a 602-gram weight Tencel-faced fabric and Oeko-Tex® certified latex. Ultimately, this means that the mattress is made to the absolute best environmental standards. As such, you will have complete peace of mind that there are no issues here. This pillow top mattress also offers a wool and cotton fire retardant layer. Feel safe knowing that you are protected through the night.

Premium Air Flow

Each material used for the Posh+Lavish 3 Inch True Pillow Top mattress has been chosen for a key reason. Along with being fire retardant, the long fiber wool and cotton layers ensure that the mattress remains cool during hot weather and warm through the winter months. The entire mattress is designed to ensure incredible levels of air circulation to keep you comfortable.

Soft Natural Materials

The fabric used to construct this amazingly comfortable pillow top mattress is Tencel-faced fabric. Tencel fabric is made of wood pulp and is surprisingly and incredibly soft. providing an advanced level of comfort. All materials are hand-made and carefully checked for quality. Only the finest organic materials are used to construct this deluxe mattress that you will love each night.


Combining nanotechnology with natural materials provides the ultimate in comfort and health. With the latest nanotechnology, this material ensures that the mattress is incredibly absorbent. This means that you don’t have to worry about the mattress getting damaged due to sweat and other issues. Indeed, this mattress is designed to last and remain in fantastic condition for more than twenty years. It’s even resistant to mold and dust mites that typically plague other mattresses.

A True Pillow Top Mattress for A Great Night Sleep

You won’t be disappointed with what this pillow top mattress can offer when using it to rest your weary body. The mattress includes numerous features that are designed to ensure that you get maximum comfort. In addition to offering a natural level of ventilation, the Posh+Lavish 3 Inch True Pillow Top is also designed to provide a fantastic level of support for the spine. At the same time, it will help your muscles relax through the night ensuring that you don’t wake up the next morning with aches and pains. This mattress even delivers complete motion isolation. This means that if you are sharing the mattress you won’t be disturbed by someone moving around in the middle of the night. You can get a true, peaceful night’s sleep.

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