2 inch Pillow Top mattress topper2 inch Pillow Top mattress topper

Posh+Lavish 2 Inch True Pillow Top Topper

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Discover a new level of comfort with the luxurious Posh+Lavish 2″ True Pillow Top. With this beautiful, high quality, pillow-top topper, you’ll be amazed how effortless a great night of sleep can be.

This plush pillow top is made of OekoTex certified latex and cotton fabric. It has a 602-gram weight Tencel-faced fabric which is made of wood pulp and is supremely soft and comfortable. Furthermore, there is a long-fiber wool and cotton fire retardant layer to ensure the product offers an additional level of safety.

High-Quality Natural Materials

Hand-crafted locally in California, the mattress is made from only the finest of materials available. The latex is natural and as it is certified, you can guarantee that it is assembled with non-toxic water-based glue.

Wool encases every side of the mattress and two different layers of natural cotton are concealed inside. This ensures that the mattress will remain cool, even during long hot summer nights while keeping you warm in the cold as well.

The Tencel fabric used for this mattress is softer than silk and with advanced nanotechnology, the highest level of moisture can be absorbed. This is just one of the reasons why the Posh+Lavish 2’’ True Pillow top topper is so durable and has such a long warranty.

This mattress will also provide you with complete peace of mind and comes with a 20-year warranty. As such, you don’t need to fear that this item will let you down anytime soon.

Advanced Features for Ultimate Comfort

The Posh+Lavish 2 Inch True Pillow top topper must be felt to fully understand the power of this design. Once you try it for yourself you’ll discover a vast array of benefits. While there is no bounce, the mattress will deliver a buoyant sensation as though you are floating on a cloud.

The design also ensures that you are provided with a fantastic level of support for your spine. Ultimately, this is going to help your muscles relax so that you can rest completely each night.

Furthermore, the mattress does offer advanced motion isolation. If you sleep next to a restless sleeper, your troubles are over. With this mattress topper, you will never again be kept up by their movements. Instead, you can remain in your own isolated section of complete comfort, sleeping peacefully.

How Does It Feel?

There’s no bounce with this mattress topper. Instead, it will provide a soft, gentle landing every time you fall into bed thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship involved. With this mattress topper, you will experience a level of decadent sensation never experienced before. The premium product is sure to impress and help you get the fantastic night of sleep that you deserve.

With an extra-thick design, you will never struggle to find the perfect sleep position. This ensures that you will get the restorative sleep experience that your body needs to wake up filled with energy each morning.

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