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In addition to the Tailormade Tufting™, the mattress includes:

  • Super Stretch Tencel Fabric: breathable fabric made from a natural material that reduces surface pressure and motion transfer.
  • Graphite Infused Memory Foam: The open-cell structure and graphite-infused memory foam disperse heat to maintain a cool, comfortable, and breathable sleeping experience.
  • 825 ContourFlex Pro Encased Coil System: 858 independently encased coils reduce motion and relieve pressure points.
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You deserve a bed fit for royalty. Step forward the King Koil Bayview Firm mattress! Its sophisticated and ergonomic design delivers deep and rejuvenating sleep, night after night after night!

Rediscover The Joys Of Making Bed Time The Best Time

Are you currently experiencing the continued nightmare of tossing and turning all night in an effort to get comfortable? The King Koil Bayview Firm mattress is the answer. It will enable you to restore your love of sleep by delivering optimal comfort, support, and luxury. You’ll sleep better and wake up feeling fresh and energized for the day ahead. Perfect!

The mattress fits within the soft to firm scale, making it ideal for those craving support but body contouring luxury. As such, it is a great option for couples as well as individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

The combination of a great night’s sleep and a lack of morning backaches means the King Koil Bayview Firm mattress is truly love at first night.

Its patented Tailormade Tufting™ keeps the comfort and support layers from shifting and sagging over time. This helps maintain a consistent and comfortable sleeping surface for years to come. The days of fearing another night of insomnia or struggling to drift off finally become a thing of the past. From this point on, bedtime will be a dream.

What Makes The King Koil Bayview Firm Mattress So Comfortable?

The King Koil Bayview Firm mattress is durable and packed with tech features that deliver exceptional quality and comfort. In addition to the Tailormade Tufting™, the mattress boasts:

  • Super Stretch Tencel Fabric: The breathable fabric is made from a natural material that reduces the pressure found at the surface level. In turn, this delivers increased lift and reduced motion on the lower layers, which delivers optimal comfort night after night.
  • Graphite Infused Memory Foam: The open-cell structure memory foam delivers exceptional temperature control elements. The graphite-infused solution disperses heat to maintain a cool, comfortable, and breathable sleeping experience.
  • 825 ContourFlex Pro Encased Coil System: The use of a colossal 858 independently encased coils successfully reduces motion and relieving pressure points. This promotes greater comfort throughout the night and prevents body aches.

King Koil’s Bayview Firm mattress additionally offers a range of handcrafted detailing. Some of these include the tufting, self-welt tape edge, embroidered handles, steel corner guards, upholstered border fabric, and embroidered labels.

King Koil’s passion for quality mattresses and helping people unlock a better night’s sleep is evident in every single product. Every mattress undergoes quality control so you experience the premium grade mattress you deserve.

A King Koil Mattress Tailored To You

The King Koil brand is one of the world’s most respected mattress brands, helping people enjoy a better night’s sleep since 1898. The Bayview Firm mattress is backed by nearly 125 years of quality and experience. It is proudly designed and handcrafted in the USA for guaranteed performance. Crucially, the technology ensures that the mattress adapts and contours to your body and movements with phenomenal results. It isn’t just a great mattress, it’s YOUR mattress.

In addition to the technologies already mentioned, the King Koil Bayview Firm mattress has anti-microbial safeguard fibers, comfort foam, extra firm foam, HD foam, and iFusion gel memory foam. It also comes with the Excellent Edge™ foam encasement and Everlast® base foam.

Furthermore, the Bayview Firm mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. All sizes come with a mattress thickness of 13 inches. Finding the perfect solution for your bedroom should prove to be an easy task.

An Investment Into Health & Happiness

The King Koil Bayview Firm mattress is one of the most popular mattress solutions on the market. It’s no wonder as it has the best attributes of both soft and firm mattresses in a single unit. Whether it’s your first bed or a replacement, this mattress is a worthy investment.

Within a matter of days, you will notice that the King Koil Bayview Firm mattress helps you:

  • Get to sleep far sooner without the frustration of tossing and turning,
  • Extreme comfort and temperature regulation even when sharing the bed with your spouse,
  • Say goodbye to tossing, turning, and waking up several times during the night,
  • Feel ache-free and comfortable when waking up each morning,
  • Enjoy increased energy and a better mindset time and time again.

We cannot overemphasize the value of a great night’s sleep, and the King Koil mattress will help you achieve it. The road to the land of nod starts here.

Our 120 Day Sleep Guarantee

If you have owned your mattress for longer than 30 days and you aren’t happy with your set, Best Mattress is glad to exchange your mattress for 120 days from the date of purchase. Please see our full terms & conditions here.

The King Koil Bayview Firm mattress is truly an investment for better sleep. The investment is worth the health and lifestyle benefits that it brings. Take the first step today by shopping online or visiting one of our many store locations in Las Vegas and St. George, Utah.