Sherwood Bedding EvoSleep Mattress in Las Vegas & St. George

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The EvoSleep Mattress has a 5 Zoned tempered pocketed spring support system designed with additional conformance and support characteristics for shoulder and lumbar regions, providing increased pressure relief and correct spinal alignment.

Take that same 5 zoned pocketed spring design, remove the foam encasement and add a steel edge. This is the new Quantum Edge unit it bends better on an adjustable base and removes synthetic foam components.

Nano coils in the Vintage Series & Treasure Pillow Top: Utilizing nano coils in place of layers of foam improves support characteristics and conformance to the body’s individual contours.

Nano coils sleep 24% cooler that regular foam.

Nano coils don’t wear out, soften, or loose support over time.

Cool Gel infused & specialty “Air Cushion” Memory foam layers are featured in the Classic & Treasure models. Al high density materials that contour to the body’s individual contours and relieve pressure while providing excellent support.

Chill fabrics on the smooth top Classic models and the Treasure models provide a cooling effect and a temperature “neutral” sleep environment.

The Vintage Quilt contains Natural Tencel fiber for enhanced durability, breathability, and softness.