PureCare Zensory Duvet Covers in Las Vegas & St. George Utah

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Weighted Blankets in Las Vegas

What is it like to experience weighted wellness? At first there is a gentle, contoured compression and a sense of calm surrounds you. As pressure points are softly stimulated throughout your body, a soothing equilibrium of grounded comfort takes hold, naturally melting stress away. You close your eyes, relaxing into a peaceful tranquility that unifies your body and mind in the journey toward sleep. Discover for yourself the comfort and wellness of weighted blankets designed exclusively by PureCare.

Available in:

7lb Kids Weighted Blanket with Duvet, recommended for users between 60 – 90lbs.
15lb Adult Weighted Blanket, recommended for users between 125 –150lbs.
20lb Adult Weighted Blanket, recommended for users between 170 –200lbs.

Your ideal weighted wellness is between 10-12% of your total body weight.

Weighted Blanket Details:
– Hypoallergenic Glass Beads: Our premium, non-porous glass bead fill won’t absorb moisture or other irritants.
– Layered Mini Pocket Construction: The small 4″ pockets and durable, seven-layer fabrication provides a continuous balance of even weight distribution while minimizing noise.

Duvet Covers (Sold Separately):
– Fit: Easy color-match design to easily reconnect the duvet to your Zensory™ weighted blanket.
– Feel: Dual comfort featuring smooth Tencel™ Lyocell and lush velveted fleece.
– Finish: Tencel™ Lyocell fibers are gentle on skin, cool to the touch and provide enhanced breathability.
– 100% washable for a cleaner, more hygienic surface.

Available in three colors:
Midnight Blue
Dove Gray
Soft Pink

Featured technical textile: Tencel™ Lyocell
Designed from nature, Tencel™ cellulosic fibers are botanically crafted from raw wood pulp and provide a cool-to-the-touch, naturally breathable and exceptionally comfortable sleep surface. Tencel™ fibers are exceptionally smooth and gentle on your skin and provide long-lasting softness and comfort.