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Positive Things to Say to Kids

Positive things to say to kids by Best Mattress in Las Vegas, NV

As adults and parents we are not perfect, so why do we often expect our kids to be? Parenting is hard. There are so many questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis such as: Why do they choose to disobey me? What motivates my child to act and be better? Why did she just put pudding in her hair? While the types of questions we ask ourselves changes slightly as our kids get older, what doesn’t change is our love and worry for them at the same time. While parenting is hard, every parent we’ve asked says the same thing “It’s worth it.” It is worth it. We want our children to be happy and to succeed. It doesn’t help them when we are always telling them what they are doing is wrong. Let’s try some positive things for a change. I bet you will see a difference in their behavior and attitude towards you.

Positive things to say to your kids:

  • I’m grateful for you.
  • You make me proud.
  • Your words are meaningful
  • You have great ideas
  • I love being your parent.
  • You don’t have to be perfect to be great.
  • Your opinions matter.
  • You are important.
  • You are loved.
  • I believe you.
  • I believe in you.
  • This family wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • You are valuable.
  • You can say no.
  • You can say yes.
  • I know you did your best.
  • You were right.
  • I accept who you are.
  • We can try your way.
  • You are helpful.
  • I’m sorry. I was wrong.

Ways to say it

There are many ways to say these positive things to your kids. But here are some ideas to help you out.

  • Just say it. Just tell them how you feel. Sometimes it’s nice to say these things in front of others so they know you appreciate them. Sometimes it is good to say them privately. You’ll be able to tell when you can tell your child these positive phrases face to face.
  • Write them a note. Who doesn’t love getting notes from time to time? There is something about a handwritten note or card that is so meaningful. Put it in their lunch or next to their bed. They will be surprised and it will mean a lot to them. Try doing this for your child once in a while. They will light up.
  • Display it. If they got a good grade or drew a picture for you tell them how much you love it or how proud of them you are and then display it. Put it on the fridge for all to see. Make a wall of your house the designated place to see your children’s work. It will make them feel so important.
  • Make them a treat and let them help. You can do this just because. There doesn’t always have to be a reason. Your kids simply being themselves is reason enough. Let them know you appreciate them in your family and make their favorite treat. Allow them to help you. You can do this at any age!
  • Spend the day with them. Play dates aren’t just for the kids. Leave the arts and crafts at home and pencil in a day date to the museum, theme park, movies, or a treasure hunt around town.

There are so many ways to be positive with your children and show them you love them. The list could go on and on. Just start from where you are and do what works for you and your kids. One of the wonderful things about children is they are forgiving and see the best in people. Let things go that don’t matter and look for the best in them. Here at Best Mattress, we want to support you and your family and the positive things you say towards one another. Your mattress store in Las Vegas focuses on family and helping in whatever way we can strengthen the family that you have.