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Do You Need a Mattress Cover?

Do I Need a Mattress Cover?You’ve just bought a brand-new mattress, maybe a new bed frame, and probably some new sheets, blankets and pillows. Your sleep experience is about to change. There’s just one question you’ve likely forgotten to ask yourself:

Do you need a mattress cover?

To answer that question, we need to first tackle what a mattress cover actually is.

A mattress cover is an extra bit of material that covers your mattress in order to protect it from damage and help preserve the life of the mattress. Oftentimes, an associate at Best Mattress in Las Vegas will mention selling you a mattress cover in addition to your new mattress. Many people see this as an attempt to upsell a customer, but mattress covers offer actual value to customers.

There are four main reasons your new mattress needs a cover.

  • It protects the warranty. If your mattress gets a stain, your warranty is void. Even if the stain doesn’t affect your mattress or its performance, the warranty is still void once you stain your mattress.
  • Covers reduce the number of dust mites in the air. A lot of people are allergic to dust mites, and your bed is full of them. Without a mattress cover, you’ll suffer more from existing dust mite allergies, or even develop a new allergy to them.
  • Covers keep the mattress feeling new. Any kind of moisture, even perspiration, wears down the foams in your mattress, which in turn reduces its lifespan. A cover keeps moisture out of the mattress for a longer amount of time than if you didn’t have one.
  • Lastly, a cover keeps your mattress clean. Considering you’ll spend 1/3rd of your life lying on a mattress, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s clean. A mattress cover helps keep your mattress fresh and comfortable longer, and prevents it from absorbing any liquid or grease.

While a mattress cover may seem like one more extra, it’s actually a valuable asset that can help your mattress last longer. Mattresses aren’t always cheap, and if you want the best value for your money when buying a new mattress, you’d be wise to consider buying a cover. If you have any more questions about mattress covers, contact us today for more details.

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