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Gone are the days of stacking your bed high with pillows and hoping for the perfect prop. New to Best Mattress, Tempur-Pedic offers their own line of adjustable mattress bases, perfect for anyone who likes to watch TV, work from a laptop, or visit with others from the comfort of their own bed. Available in Twin, Twin Long, Double, Split Queen, Queen, King, and Split King sizes, the TEMPUR-Up Foundation from Best Mattress offers an ample 600-pound weight limit and features that are designed to improve the functionality of your mattress.

Adjustable Head Portion

The TEMPUR-Up Foundation is designed with simplicity and strength in mind, allowing users to raise the head up to 55º for support. Instead of having set positions, owners can raise or lower the head portion of the bed degree-by-degree, giving you the chance to enjoy the perfect level of incline.

Easy-To-Use Wired Remote

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a remote, which is why the TEMPUR-Up Foundation comes with an easy-to-use wired remote. With a single button to return to flat and a motor powerful enough to offer full lift in under 30 seconds, this convenient remote makes it easy to adjust your mattress whenever you need to.

Multiple Height Options

Every person is different, which is why a bed height that works for a friend or family member might not be right for you. To make it easy to adjust the height of your bed, users have the option of purchasing legs in 4.5 inch, 6.5 inch, or 9 inch heights. While lower height legs are perfect for people with mobility issues, higher legs make it easy to use the underside of your bed for storage.

Easy-Access Retainer Bar

Some adjustable foundations allow mattresses to slip and slide off of the base, creating serious hazards for owners. To prevent this from happening, the TEMPUR-Up Foundation features a strong retainer bar that keeps mattresses put. Designed with smooth edges that make changing sheets easier, this retainer bar is discreet and incredibly effective.

Wallhugger Design

Some adjustable foundations require a significant amount of clearance to operate properly, throwing off the furniture arrangement of the entire room. Fortunately, the TEMPUR-Up Foundation features a wall hugger design, allowing you to push the entire base right against a wall. This innovative adjustable foundation is also purposefully built slightly smaller than the dimensions of the mattresses they support, helping owners to pair the frame with a wider variety of bedroom furniture.

Quiet operation

Your mattress should be silent to give you the sleep you deserve, which is why the TEMPUR-Up Foundation is designed to operate quietly. When the system is running, it is quiet enough to allow others to sleep, making it easy to adjust your side of the bed to your heart’s content.

Generous Manufacturer’s Warranty

Each Tempur-Pedic adjustable foundation is designed to last, and the company stands behind their promises. The TEMPUR-Up Foundation comes with a complimentary 15-year limited warranty that protects owners from a wide range of problems, including defective parts and electrical failure. Tempur-Pedic also offers a full coverage warranty for parts and labor for the entire mattress, including the parts, electrical components, drive motors, power supply, legs, and foundation surface.

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