Serta® iComfort® Sleep System. Intelligent. Individualized. Inspired™.

Meet Serta’s most advanced sleep system – ever.

Serta has redesigned the iComfort® Sleep System from the inside out to intelligently respond to your body’s individual needs for comfort, support and temperature regulation.

Every new iComfort mattress is made with Serta’s exclusive EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam, an advanced material infused with millions of gel beads that responds to your body in 3 ways:

  1. Helps relieve pressure points for increased comfort
  2. Provides added support to help with body alignment
  3. Aids in temperature regulation while you sleep

All this with the Ultimate Edge® Foam Core to support your body all night long.

What Makes iComfort Technology Different?

Serta’s EverFeel® material is inspired by traditional memory foam, yet completely different. Its unique structure of tiny cushioning chambers instantly responds to the contours of your body to help relieve pressure points for more cradling comfort. Plus, it’s infused with millions of Titanium gel beads that gather to help add strength and support where your body needs it most. Finally, an advanced thermal management system in the gel beads dissipates excess heat to help you sleep at a comfortable temperature.

Now, all of the advanced memory foams used in iComfort® mattresses are enhanced with Serta’s revolutionary EverTemp™ Technology. It helps these materials remain comfortable regardless of temperature or humidity.

Real Owners are Very Satisfied with their iComfort Mattress*

Our iComfort Sleep System has helped millions of people get a more comfortable night’s sleep. Here is what real iComfort owners have to say about sleeping on an iComfort mattress:

  • 97% of iComfort mattress owners are satisfied with their mattress
  • 97% of temperature-sensitive iComfort mattress owners are satisfied with their mattress
  • 97% of iComfort mattress owners are satisfied with their quality of sleep
  • 97% of iComfort mattress owners would recommend iComfort to a friend

Source: GfK Buyer Satisfaction Study, 2015

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