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How To Get Blood Out of Mattress

You never know what’s going to happen; there are always surprises in life. While it’s more likely that you’ll spill your morning coffee onto your mattress, from time to time, you might find that you have a bloodstain that needs taking care of. It’s not a situation that you’ll want to be in, of course, but if you find that this is the case, then at least know that there are things you can do. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested ways to get various levels of bloodstain out of your mattress.

Surface Stains

You’ll hope that your bloodstain is only light since these are the easiest ways to get off. For this, you’ll need a few items. Grab baking soda, a spray bottle, white vinegar, cold water, and towels. Start by using one of the towels to blot away any excess blood (don’t rub, you’ll just be working it into the fabric). Once you’ve done that, add some baking soda to the stain, and then spray with a solution of half water, half white vinegar. It’ll bubble and fizz. Let it do its thing, and then return 30 minutes later with a vacuum to suck the excess paste away. 

More Complicated Issues

If you weren’t able to get to your spillage in time, then it will have formed a more robust stain. This would be the case if you didn’t notice that it was there. This can be a little more difficult, but it’s not possible. To get started, you’ll need some cornstarch, hydrogen peroxide, a small amount of salt, and a toothbrush. Make a paste from the cornstarch, hydrogen peroxide, and salt. Apply it to the stain and then let it work its magic for half an hour or more. Then go at with the toothbrush, gently rubbing away the stain. You should add some cold water and dab with a towel to clear everything away. 

The Worst Of The Worst

There could be times when you realize that you’re dealing with an almighty stain that just doesn’t look like it’s going to come out without some sort of divine intervention. Fear not: there’s always an option out there. If you’ve tried the above methods and they haven’t worked, then try one of the following (though you can try the above multiple times, the stain will get better each time). 

If things still aren’t working, you should look at procuring an enzyme cleaner or ammonia. The enzyme cleaner will break the bloodstain down pretty effectively. The ammonia will obliterate the stain. You have to be careful with ammonia since it’ll destroy any softer materials that it comes in contact with. It’s also recommended that you wear gloves and open a window when handling the solution.

If it still isn’t out, you might need to buy a new one from a mattress store in las vegas.

Blood On The Sheets

There’s a handy trick for blood on your sheets, too: mix a crushed aspirin tablet and water! Let the solution sit, and then wash your sheets as normal in the washing machine. It’ll likely do the trick! 

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