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How Sleep Recharges Teenagers

How Sleep Recharges Teenagers. Sleep tips from Best Mattress in Las Vegas & St. George

Teenagers have a reputation for not getting enough sleep. The average amount of sleep that teenagers get is between 7 and 7 ¼ hours. However, they need between 9 and 9 ½ hours. There are many reason why teenager do not get enough sleep. Some of those reasons include:


  • Shift in sleep schedule. Once puberty hits there is a biological shift in their internal clock of about 2 hours. Which can be a significant amount where sleep is concerned.
  • Early high school start times. Most school districts high school start times are early. Some start as early as 7:00am. Which makes it really hard to get up most mornings.
  • Social and school obligations. Homework, sports, after-school activities (often occurring during the evening), and socializing lead to late bedtimes.


Getting enough sleep while in your teenage years is so important! There are so many benefits and we want to share some of those with you.

Feeling And Looking Better

Being sleepy makes you cranky and less motivated. When you’re tired and in a bad mood, you’re probably going to settle for the easy junk food instead of the healthy options that may take a little more effort. Or you’ll sit on the couch and watch tv instead of going for a walk. Eating the wrong foods can also affect the way you sleep, especially when eaten right before bed. Sleep and healthy living are so connected and just as eating the wrong foods will affect your sleep eating the right ones will affect it as well. But in a good way. Sufficient sleep recharges your health and mood, helping you to look your best and helps you to have a more optimistic attitude towards life.

Able To Perform At Your Best

When you’re tired, you don’t have the energy to motivate yourself to be active. Without energy, you may find yourself snacking to stay awake. To make matters worse, if you aren’t active enough during the day, it’s actually harder to fall asleep. Do you see the downward spiral developing here? When you get the proper amount of sleep it recharges your energy for peak performance in sports, making you faster, stronger and more accurate. If you’re not involved in sports it gives you the energy to accomplish the other important things you have going on in your life.

Improvement In Learning And Memory

Sleep, learning and memory are sometimes complex issues and are not always entirely understood. However, animal and human studies suggest that the quantity and quality of sleep have a profound impact on learning and memory. Research suggest that sleep helps learning and memory in two distinct ways. First, a sleep-deprived person cannot focus attention optimally and therefore cannot learn efficiently. Second, sleep itself has a role in the strengthening of memory, which is essential for learning new information. There is so much learning going on during teenage years that proper sleep is critical!

Having Fun

Because proper sleep gives you the amount of energy you need, you will be able to enjoy life more fully while at the same time making better decisions and staying safe while you’re at it. A rested teenager is a happier more positive one. Even when life gets busy and stressful,  life will be easier to manage when you strive to get the right amount of sleep.

It is clear that getting the right amount of sleep is important to your teenager’s overall health and well being. We care about the peace of mind a good night sleep brings. Contact your Best Mattress store in Las Vegas to find the mattress that will help your teenager get the right amount of sleep that their body needs. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends 8-10 hours of sleep per night for 13-18 year olds. Is your child getting enough?

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