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How Adjustable Beds Improve Sleep Quality

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Adjustable beds are no longer a preserve for those with mobility issues or the elderly. More and more people are using adjustable beds instead of regular flatbeds because of their health and lifestyle benefits. People who sleep with adjustable bases are more likely to say they had a good night’s sleep.

An adjustable bed allows you to lower or raise the bottom or top to different levels so you can customize the bed to specific positions to get the best night’s sleep. The orthopedic health benefits of these beds can greatly benefit different people, especially those suffering from chronic back pain, joint pain, those recovering from joint surgery, or people who snore. Read on as we discuss the benefits you’ll enjoy sleeping on an adjustable bed.

Top 5 Benefits of Adjustable Beds

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Here are the top 5 benefits of adjustable beds:

Reduces Snoring and Eases Breathing

For people with snoring partners, you may find this annoying to the extent of trying to find an alternative sleeping place to catch some valuable sleep. Luckily, adjustable beds can help reduce snoring. You only need to use a remote control to elevate the head’s position slightly.

Snoring happens when soft tissues and your tongue narrow your airway, which easily occurs while sleeping on a flatbed. By elevating your head, the air flows more freely and reduces the vibrations that come out as snoring. Also, if you snore due to congestion, an elevated bed keeps sinuses clear and supports drainage.

Relief from Back Pain

Adjustable beds are essential in managing back pain because you can find your best sleeping position. You can adjust the mattress on either side of your foot or head to distribute weight more evenly, thereby reducing pressure on your back. Most people with back pain prefer to slightly elevate their feet to reduce lower back strain because it allows the lumbar areas to relax and decompress.

An adjustable bed also alleviates pressure on your sciatic nerve giving the back a surface to sleep on. As a result, you can comfortably sleep on your back because the surface matches the body’s contouring. You can slant the bed by about 45 degrees to reduce back pain by relieving compression on the lower back. This also helps to improve painful conditions such as sciatica. You also don’t need multiple pillows since the angled head provides a well-supportive platform that prevents neck aches. Raising the lower foot area allows the feet to stay levitated and the knees bent, which takes off pressure from your spine.

Relive Arthritis and Pain

Using traditional mattresses can put unnecessary pressure on joints, leading to pain, which is worse if you have arthritis. According to the CDC, about one in five US adults have arthritis. Some of the most common symptoms experienced by these people include stiffness of the joints and painful inflammation. If you have arthritis, an adjustable bed can help you get some relief from the aching joints.

You can position the adjustable base to not concentrate on the pain points to give you a more comfortable rest. An adjustable bed also helps alleviate morning stiffness. You can either raise the lower foot or the head to stimulate blood flow.

Enhance Blood Circulation

People who wake up with numb, painful, tingly, or swollen legs may be due to inadequate blood circulation while sleeping. Most of these cases make it difficult for you to walk in a straight line immediately after getting out of bed. Sometimes, poor blood circulation can also make you feel foggier in the head.

Adjusting the bottom part of your adjustable base will slightly elevate your legs, which helps in blood circulation and reduces swelling. If you have a specific blood circulation issue, adjustable beds allow you to position the mattress at a recommended level, enhancing blood and oxygen flow.

Ease Insomnia

An adjustable bed is a perfect solution for a restful night full of blissful dreams if you have insomnia. Whether your insomnia is due to an anxious mind or physical pain, an adjustable bed provides you with numerous position choices that offer extra comfort for a good sleep experience.

In case you experience physical pain, an adjustable base helps to relieve stress on muscles and joints and improves blood and oxygen circulation. A suitable sleeping posture also helps reduce stress in your mind, thereby letting you drift off easily.

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

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Some of the mattresses that can perfectly complement your adjustable base include:

Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses can easily conform to your body’s shape and support your weight evenly. When used with an adjustable base, memory foam mattresses flex easily to the base’s contour and still maintain quality comfort and support.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses have adaptable foam layers and independent coils that pair nicely with adjustable bed frames. You don’t have to worry about damaging the foam or pocketed coils while elevating the bed to different angles.

Latex Mattress

These mattresses are mostly made of latex, but also include other materials like memory foam. They are heavier than memory foam mattresses, but they are flexible and ideal for an adjustable bed.

Mattresses Ideal for Adjustable Bases

Some mattress and adjustable base combinations include:

An adjustable bed has significant impacts on your quality of sleep. These beds are also easy to operate, so you can set a position that best suits you whether you want to reduce back pains, snoring, joint pain, or partner movement issues. An adjustable base is even better when you add one of the quality mattresses discussed above. Purchase one of these adjustable bases to discover for yourself how much it can improve your sleep quality.