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How Your Evening Routine Affects Your Sleep

35-40 percent of U.S. adults have difficulty falling asleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. In a society that is overscheduled and burned out, a proper evening routine can prepare your mind and body for a restful night. Here are four simple suggestions that can make a significant impact on your ability to fall asleep:


The National Sleep Foundation reports that not only does physical activity help you fall asleep, but it improves the quality of your sleep. Exercising at any time of the day is beneficial; however, you may be part of a small portion of the population who need to wrap up exercise at least two hours before bedtime. This is due to the rush of adrenaline, an active brain, and a warmer than normal body temperature that hasn’t had time to cool down after a workout.

Decrease Screen Time

You may be tempted by your smart phone and other electronic devices to constantly check in to see if a colleague responded to an email or find out how many people liked your social media post. For adults and children, these mindless screen interactions may turn into an Internet addiction. Whether or not you are addicted, screen time in the hour before bed can hurt your ability to fall asleep. Smart phones and other electronic screens emit blue light which signals to the cells behind your eyes that it is morning, resulting in suppressed melatonin. This decrease in melatonin tells your brain to wake up, thus confusing your circadian rhythm and ultimately making it difficult to fall asleep.

Get the Right Mattress

Several studies, including one from Oklahoma State University, link “greater sleep quality and comfort, as well as reduced back pain, stiffness and shoulder pain to sleeping on a new mattress… and those initial benefits improved over time.” The type of surface you sleep on is directly related to “sleep quality and efficiency.” Investing in a new, well-fitted mattress from Best Mattress in Las Vegas can decrease your physical and mental strain, contributing to a better night’s rest.

Be Careful With Caffeine

Your eating habits have an affect on your body’s ability to rest well, but caffeine intake is particularly influential.  Caffeine is a stimulant which induces your mind to wake up and prevents sleep. Research shows that it takes six hours for the effects of caffeine to wear off–so you should stop consuming it at least six hours before bedtime.

At Best Mattress, we want you to get the rest you need to be alert and active during your day. From sleep tips to that perfect mattress, let us help you get a good night’s sleep.