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Drop to Stop Child Abuse

Best Mattress, strives to help out the communities in which we live and work. We want to give back to our communities and do what we can to make them a better place to live. Best Mattress Las Vegas is happy to report we will be participating in the Drop to Stop Child Abuse in Las Vegas. This event seeks to help fundraise money in order to make a difference and transform the lives of children who are at-risk. Individuals can register to participate in the event or they can just donate to sponsor an individual or just generally donate to the cause.

What is the Drop to Stop Event?

This event is an exciting one that gives participants the chance to participate in an amazing opportunity while also raising money to help at-risk children in the community. Participants are getting the chance to rappel from Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino.

Drop to Stop Child Abuse is an event that raises money to help at-risk kids and family. The event is held by Olive Crest and will be held on November 3-4, 2017. Participants who are raising money for the cause will be able to have the unique chance to rappel from the top of the building. Another cool thing about the event is that participants do not need to have any prior climbing or rappel experience. But, they do need the guts and courage to go for it!

How can I participate or help?

During the days of the event, sponsors, rappellers, and their family and friends can come on down to enjoy activities and food. Food and entertainment will be provided on November 4th at the Dare to Care Zone Drop Party and will be held at the base of Augustus Tower.

Many participants will be able to participate in the rappelling adventure. The event is just a fun way to encourage participants to fundraise as much money as possible for an awesome cause!

People who want to support the cause can also participate by donating. If you’re not able to rappel, or just really hate heights, donating is a great way to help!

The fundraiser is looking to raise $120,000 dollars for at-risk children and families. Donations are being accepted now until November 3rd. Best Mattress encourages others in our community to participate or donate to this great cause!

Best Mattress of Las Vegas will be participating in the event and raising money for this cause.

Find out more about the event.

Learn more about the event by giving us a call or visiting the Drop to Stop Child Abuse website.

At Best Mattress, we are honored to be able to participate in an event in Las Vegas that is focused around helping struggling, at-risk children. We are happy to get to be a part of this event, and we hope that many people in the community will contribute and participate in this worthwhile cause. Let us know if you would like to learn more about this amazing event and how to get involved!