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Denver Mattress vs Serta’s 5 Star Mattress

In any market, you get a broad spectrum of quality. Some companies make exceptional, high-end products that serve customers well for years, while others don’t. 

This pattern applies to the mattress industry too. There are a few firms at the top that offer amazing products, and then a host of “value-orientated” vendors that churn out lower quality, mass-produced items. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the difference between a Denver Mattress and Serta’s Five-Star mattresses. The Denver Mattress is very much in the value-orientated segment, while Serta’s Five-Star (as you might guess from the name) shoots for quality. 

An Introduction To Denver Mattress

Denver Mattress in St. George is a company that makes mattresses at a low cost in a US-based facility for the domestic market. The company has been offering discount products to its customers for years, promising them a good night’s sleep at a better price than they would be able to get elsewhere. 

The majority of the company’s products, however, rely on traditional mattress technology. Many of its lower-end products use steel coil springs that have a host of disadvantages with which you may already be familiar. These include uncomfortable pressure points as the steel jabs into your back, and difficulties sleeping alongside a partner because of the deformation of the bed. While many of these mattresses feature quality materials, they aren’t always combined in such a way that they are suitable for most people. 

Serta’s Five-Star Mattresses

Serta’s Five-Star Mattress, by contrast, is a different animal. The company is famous all over the US for the quality, durability, and features that its mattresses bring. Over the years, the brand has become a market leader and developed some of the most advanced mattress technologies available today. 

Five-Star offers a wide variety of products designed to provide different kinds of sleepers with an optimal experience. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features that you can get with Five-Star products that you can’t with other types of mattresses. 

Features Of The Five Star Degarmo ET Mattress

Five Star designed the Degarmo ET Mattress to blow the competition out of the water. In terms of comfort, it is second-to-none, offering a variety of features that will help give you a restful night’s sleep. 

Wrapped Coil System For Whole-Body Support

The Degarmo ET mattress features a wrapped coil system, designed to provide whole-body support. The technology uses hundreds of small springs to distribute your weight, helping to reduce pressure points on any particular area. 

Active Gel For Extra Comfort

Five Star also uses active gel in the Delgarmo ET. The purpose of this layer is to eliminate any discomfort that might arise from springs. The coils evenly distribute support across the base of the body for maximum comfort. There’s also a layer of extra cushioning designed to keep you fresh at the same time. 

Hypoallergenic Quilt

For many, the standout feature of the Degarmo is the quilt – not just because it is comfortable, but also because of its hypoallergenic properties. 

Unlike many down-based quilts, the Degarmo ET is entirely synthetic. That means that you can avoid allergenic fibers found in bedding from other manufacturers. 

Features Of The Five Star Timberlake ET Mattress

Five Star’s Timberlake Mattress is one of the company’s most popular products, mainly because of the advantages that it offers over and above standard mattresses, such as those from Denver Mattress. 

Keep-Cool Technology

Even though the Timberlake ET is a foam mattress, it still keeps you cool, unlike many of the most popular alternative products on the market from other vendors. Five Star equip the mattress with unique cooling layers and active gel that helps to keep body heat down, even on the warmest of nights. The advanced coil system allows air to flow freely through the mattress, keeping you fresh, even if you’re a hot sleeper. 

Follow The Contours Of Your Body

The Timberlake uses many of the same innovative coil technologies as the Degarmo ET. Hundreds of tiny springs compress and deform according to the loads placed on them by your body from above. Unlike some standard mattresses from places like Denver Mattress, which only provide a handful of springs, the Timberlake offers many more, improving your sleep quality. 

Reduced Pressure On Your Body

A good mattress should always reduce the pressure on your body and enable you to get a quality night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if you use a standard product like those from Denver Mattress, that’s not always guaranteed. Springs may jab into your back, making you feel uncomfortable. 

Serta gets around this problem by using a series of padded foam layers between the breathable top sheet at the hundreds of micro-springs below. The foam layer uses the company’s proprietary Active Gel that provides gentle support throughout the night. 

Five Star Springmill ET Mattress

Serta’s Five Star Springmill ET mattress is a product designed for a single purpose: to provide a fantastic night’s sleep for people used to regular beds. Unlike many Denver Mattress Co. products, it features the Magical Mira Coil spring system, which employs more than 500 inner springs. The system evenly supports the weight of the body above and reduce muscle tension.

The Springmill has another advantage, too: it’s eco-friendly. Five Star uses materials that do not contain any harmful products or chemicals and is certified by CentriPUR US. 

Denver Mattress Vs. Serta’s Five Star Mattress

In any market, there is a large spread in quality, and the same is true of mattresses. Here, we’ve seen that Serta’s Five Star offers a host of technologies across its product range that you’ll struggle to find when purchasing from more value-orientated offerings, like Denver Mattress. The company has invested considerably in bringing its customers the latest technology to improve both support and temperature regulation. What’s more, it uses space-age technology, such as memory foam and its in-house micro coil system, to provide a level of comfort you can’t find anywhere else. Serta really knocks the ball out of the park with this one. 


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