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The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers in 2023

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If you’re a side sleeper, you need the right kind of mattress to take pressure off your hips and shoulders. That’s because sleeping on your side distributes your weight unevenly, causing pain in the places that bear your weight if the mattress is not able to support these areas. This is why finding the right mattress can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep, particularly if you often sleep on your side. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, investing in a high-quality mattress that meets your unique needs can be a game changer.

Side sleeping is a common and comfortable sleep position, but it requires the right mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep. In 2023, the market offers a range of mattresses designed to cater to the specific needs of side sleepers.

Lets explore the benefits of five top-rated mattresses tailored to different preferences and needs.

  1. The Best Mattress for Side Sleeper with Hip Pain : The Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress

    Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top mattress in bedroom
    The Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress is a standout choice for side sleepers dealing with hip pain. Here’s why hip pain can be a persistent and debilitating issue, especially when it disrupts your sleep. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from hip discomfort, you’ll understand the importance of finding the right mattress. The Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress is designed with your needs in mind, offering a range of benefits that can help alleviate hip pain and improve your overall sleep quality.

    • Superior Hip Support:The Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress is engineered to provide exceptional support, especially for side sleepers. Here’s how it benefits your hips:
      • Jumbo Pillow Top: The mattress features a luxurious pillow top layer, which is designed to cradle your hips gently. This extra cushioning ensures that your hips are cushioned and pressure points are relieved.
      • Pocketed Coils: Beneath the plush top layer, the mattress incorporates a layer of pocketed coils. These coils provide targeted support and help distribute your body weight evenly, preventing undue pressure on your hips.
    • Optimal Spinal Alignment:Proper spinal alignment is crucial for reducing hip pain. The Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress excels in this aspect:
      • Contouring Comfort: The mattress conforms to your body’s natural curves, including the hips and shoulders. This alignment reduces the strain on your hip joints and keeps your spine in a neutral position throughout the night.
      • Zoned Support: Brooklyn Bedding has designed this mattress with zoned support to cater specifically to your hips and lower back. This feature ensures that your hips receive the support they need for pain relief.
    • Cooling Properties:Overheating during the night can exacerbate hip pain and disrupt your sleep. The Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress tackles this issue:
      • Enhanced Breathability: The mattress is designed to promote airflow, preventing heat from getting trapped. This keeps you cool and comfortable, even during the warmest nights.
      • Moisture-Wicking Cover: The mattress cover is moisture-wicking, which helps regulate temperature and keeps you dry. This is particularly beneficial if night sweats contribute to your hip discomfort.
    • Durability and Longevity:Investing in a high-quality mattress like the Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top can be a long-term solution for hip pain:
      • Durable Materials: Brooklyn Bedding is known for using durable materials in their mattresses. This means that you can count on your mattress to maintain its support and comfort for years, providing ongoing relief for your hips.


    The Brooklyn Bedding Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top Mattress offers a comprehensive solution for those struggling with hip pain. Its combination of superior hip support, optimal spinal alignment, cooling properties, and durability makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to alleviate discomfort and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to face the day with reduced hip pain. Your journey to better sleep starts with the right mattress, and the Craftsman Jumbo Pillow Top is here to help you on that path.

  2. The Best Mattress For Side Sleeper With Temperature Regulation All Night: Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid


    TEMPUR-ProAdapt® Medium Hybrid Mattress

    Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning during the night due to overheating? Temperature regulation is a vital factor for a good night’s sleep, and the Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress excels in this department. In this article, we’ll explore how this innovative mattress provides an exceptional cooling experience and ensures that you sleep comfortably year-round.

    • Advanced Cooling Technology:The Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress is engineered with state-of-the-art cooling technology to keep you comfortable, especially if you tend to sleep hot:
      • Cooling Cover: The mattress features a cooling cover designed to wick away heat and moisture from your body. This ensures that you start your night feeling fresh and cool.
      • Tempur Material with Cooling Elements: The mattress utilizes Tempur-Pedic’s proprietary TEMPUR material, infused with cooling elements. This technology actively dissipates excess heat, preventing uncomfortable temperature spikes throughout the night.
    • Pressure Relief and Support:While temperature regulation is crucial, this mattress doesn’t compromise on the support and comfort needed for a restful sleep:
      • Medium Hybrid Construction: The Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid combines memory foam and innerspring coils, offering the perfect balance of support and contouring comfort. This is particularly beneficial for side sleepers, as it provides relief to pressure points like shoulders and hips.
      • Adaptive Support: Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR material adapts to your body’s shape, ensuring that you are cradled in comfort while maintaining proper spinal alignment.
    • Temperature Control for All Seasons:One of the unique aspects of this mattress is its adaptability to different seasons:
      • Winter Warmth: During colder months, the mattress retains your body heat, providing a cozy and warm sleep experience.
      • Summer Coolness: In warmer weather, the cooling elements come into play, preventing heat buildup and ensuring a cooler night’s sleep.
    • Proven Durability:Investing in a Tempur-Pedic mattress like the Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid is not only about immediate comfort but also long-term satisfaction:
      • Durable Construction: Tempur-Pedic is renowned for its quality materials and craftsmanship. This mattress is built to last, providing you with consistent temperature-regulated sleep for years.

    The Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress is a game-changer for those who value temperature regulation in their sleep environment. With its advanced cooling technology, balanced support, and year-round comfort, it’s no wonder why this mattress is highly regarded among sleep enthusiasts. Say goodbye to nights of overheating and hello to cool, comfortable, and restful sleep with the Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid. Upgrade your sleep experience and wake up rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day ahead.

  3. Best Mattress for A Side Sleeper with Motion Isolation: Purple Mattress

    When considering a new mattress, one aspect that often goes overlooked is its ability to isolate motion. Whether you’re sharing your bed with a partner, a restless sleeper, or a pet, motion isolation can be the key to an undisturbed night’s rest. The Purple Mattress is renowned for its exceptional motion isolation capabilities, and in this article, we’ll explore how this feature can lead to a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

    • Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid and Motion Isolation:At the heart of the Purple Mattress’s motion isolation prowess is its unique hyper-elastic polymer grid:
      • Adaptive Grid Design: The grid is engineered to flex independently in response to pressure. This means that when one person moves or shifts in their sleep, the motion is absorbed by the mattress rather than being transferred across the bed.
      • Undisturbed Sleep: If you share your bed with a partner who tends to toss and turn during the night, the Purple Mattress ensures that their movements won’t disturb your sleep. You can sleep peacefully, even if your partner is an active sleeper.
    • Benefits of Motion Isolation:Understanding the advantages of motion isolation can help you appreciate why the Purple Mattress is highly rated for this feature:
      • Minimized Partner Disturbance: For couples, motion isolation means fewer disruptions during the night. You can both enjoy restful sleep without being jolted awake by your partner’s movements.
      • Enhanced Comfort: If you have a sensitive sleep pattern or are easily awakened by disturbances, the Purple Mattress’s motion isolation can significantly improve your overall sleep quality.
    • Pressure-Relieving Comfort:While motion isolation is the standout feature of the Purple Mattress, it also offers exceptional comfort and pressure relief:
      • Body-Conforming Grid: The hyper-elastic polymer grid contours to your body’s shape, providing support and relieving pressure points. This ensures that you sleep comfortably, whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper.
      • Spinal Alignment: Proper spinal alignment is essential for a restful sleep. The Purple Mattress promotes this by ensuring your spine stays in a neutral position throughout the night.
    • Year-Round Comfort:Beyond its motion isolation prowess, the Purple Mattress offers consistent comfort year-round:
      • Temperature Neutrality: The grid’s airflow channels and temperature-neutral material keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, contributing to a well-rounded sleep experience.

    The Purple Mattress is a game-changer in the world of motion isolation. Its hyper-elastic polymer grid design ensures that you and your partner can enjoy an undisturbed, peaceful night’s sleep. Beyond motion isolation, this mattress offers outstanding comfort and pressure relief, making it a top choice for those seeking both tranquility and optimal sleep support. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions and hello to rejuvenating, uninterrupted rest with the Purple Mattress.

  4. Best Mattress for A Side Sleeper With Back Pain And Pressure Relieving: Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress

    If you suffer from back pain, you understand how crucial it is to find a mattress that provides exceptional pressure relief. The Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress is designed with your needs in mind, offering a unique combination of support and softness that can significantly alleviate back pain. In this article, we will explore why the Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress is regarded as the best choice for those seeking relief from back discomfort.

    • Ultra-Soft Comfort Layer:At the core of the Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress is an ultra-soft comfort layer designed to cradle your body:
      • Pressure-Relieving Comfort: This plush top layer is engineered to conform to your body’s shape, providing immediate relief to pressure points, including the back.
      • Back Support: While it offers a soft and comfortable surface, it doesn’t sacrifice support. The Purple Grid, which underlies this layer, adapts to your body’s contours, ensuring that your spine remains properly aligned.
    • Unparalleled Pressure Relief:The Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress excels in offering pressure relief, a key factor for individuals with back pain:
      • Tailored Support: This mattress provides customized support where you need it most. For those with back pain, this means that the lumbar region is appropriately supported, reducing stress on the lower back.
      • Shoulder and Hip Comfort: The mattress also offers exceptional comfort for the shoulders and hips, which can be prone to pressure points for back sleepers.
    • Enhanced Durability:Investing in a mattress that can alleviate back pain is not just about immediate comfort; it’s also about long-term support:
      • Durable Materials: The Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress is built to last. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that you’ll continue to experience pressure relief and comfort for years to come.
    • Improved Sleep Quality:Beyond the physical benefits, the Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress contributes to overall sleep quality:
      • Reduced Tossing and Turning: With its pressure-relieving properties, this mattress reduces the need to shift positions during the night. This leads to more restful and uninterrupted sleep, which is essential for those with back pain.
      • Wake Up Refreshed: A night’s rest on the Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress can help you wake up feeling refreshed and with reduced back discomfort, making it easier to face the day ahead.

    The Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress stands out as the ultimate solution for individuals dealing with back pain. Its combination of ultra-soft comfort, unparalleled pressure relief, and durable construction make it the best choice for those seeking relief and comfort. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a rejuvenated and pain-free morning with the Purple Restore Plus Soft Mattress. Your journey to a better night’s sleep starts here.

  5. Best Mattress For Side Sleeping Couples: Beautyrest Black Ultra Plush K-Class

    Beautyrest Black K-Class Plush Pillow Top room angled view
    Sleeping alongside your partner can be a wonderful experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges, especially if you both prefer to sleep on your sides. The Beautyrest Ultra Plush K-Class mattress is designed with the unique needs of side-sleeping couples in mind, making it the ultimate choice for those who want to enjoy the comfort of togetherness while ensuring individual support and a peaceful night’s sleep. In this article, we’ll delve into why the Beautyrest Ultra Plush K-Class is the perfect mattress for couples who are side sleepers.

    • Customized Comfort for Couples:One of the standout features of the Beautyrest Ultra Plush K-Class mattress is its ability to provide customized comfort for each partner:
      • DualCool™ Technology: This mattress is equipped with DualCool™ Technology, which ensures a cool and refreshing sleep surface. Both partners can stay comfortable and sleep well without overheating.
      • Individualized Support: The K-Class mattress offers exceptional support while reducing motion transfer. This means that when one partner moves or shifts during the night, the other is less likely to be disturbed, promoting uninterrupted rest.
    • Ultra Plush Comfort Layer:Side sleepers often need a mattress with a soft and cushioning surface to cradle their bodies:
      • Luxurious Pillow Top: The Ultra Plush K-Class features a sumptuous pillow top layer that offers cloud-like comfort, perfect for side sleepers. This layer gently conforms to your body’s curves, providing pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.
      • Uninterrupted Sleep: With its motion isolation properties, this mattress ensures that when one partner moves, the other remains undisturbed, allowing both to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
    • Superior Edge Support:Edge support is another crucial factor for couples. The Ultra Plush K-Class excels in this area:
      • Edge-to-Edge Comfort: The mattress provides consistent comfort from edge to edge, ensuring that both partners can utilize the entire surface without feeling like they might roll off the bed.
      • Ease of Movement: Whether you’re getting into or out of bed, the strong edge support makes it effortless, minimizing any disruption to your partner’s sleep.
    • Durability and Longevity:A mattress that is designed for couples should also be built to last:
      • High-Quality Materials: The Beautyrest Ultra Plush K-Class is crafted with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. You can count on this mattress to provide you and your partner with years of comfort.

    The Beautyrest Ultra Plush K-Class mattress is the perfect solution for couples who are side sleepers. Its combination of customized comfort, individualized support, plush cushioning, and strong edge support makes it a standout choice for partners who value their sleep and want to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoy the best of both worlds – the closeness of sharing a bed with your loved one and the comfort of personalized support – with the Ultra Plush K-Class. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions and hello to a restful night’s sleep for both you and your partner.

In 2023, side sleepers have a variety of mattress options tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re seeking relief from hip pain, temperature regulation, pressure relief, or a mattress suitable for couples, these five top-rated mattresses offer a range of benefits to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Consider your personal preferences and requirements to select the mattress that suits you best and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Important Features To Support Side Sleepers

Here are the things to look for in a mattress for side sleepers. If you are wanting to do additional research and look at other mattresses for side sleepers then keep these features in mind. The best mattress will still vary from person to person as everyone’s body and comfort needs are different, but these qualities will point side sleepers in the right direction. 


Support is one of the most crucial features of a mattress for side sleepers. A mattress that can equally distribute your weight is essential because when you sleep on your side, your body weight is concentrated on a smaller surface area. Your hips and shoulders may sink too deeply into a soft mattress, causing pain and discomfort. However, a mattress that is too firm can cause pressure points, leading to pain. It’s important to find a mattress that supports your hips and shoulders while providing the soothing comfort a mattress is meant to provide. A well engineered mattress will provide both, but the specific variety that meets your needs may vary. 

Pressure Relief 

Pressure relief is crucial for side sleepers. When your body’s weight is not distributed evenly, you will feel it most where the mattress sags and puts pressure on your nerves. Particularly in the hips and shoulders, these aching nerves can be painful and uncomfortable, and a sign that long-term use of a sagging mattress will take a physical toll on your body. Hence, a supportive, comfy mattress is what you need. Your overall health and wellbeing will benefit when a mattress relieves the pressure on your body, ultimately providing better sleep as well. 

Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Pillow Top mattress


Comfort is a crucial consideration in particular for side sleepers. If a mattress feels comfortable from when you first lie down to when you wake up in the morning, then it is doing exactly what a mattress should do.  You’ll want a mattress that feels cozy and supportive because sleeping on your side can create extra pressure on your hips and shoulders, and any discomfort is a sign that the mattress is taking a toll on not just your comfort but your joints and your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you sleep on your side or not, your mattress should be comfortable for your needs. 


The materials used to make a mattress can also play a role in how well it supports side sleepers. Memory foam mattresses are frequently a popular option because they can provide good support and pressure reduction as the mattress adjusts to the imprint of your shape regardless of whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.. Due to its typical high level of durability and ability to provide excellent support, latex mattresses might also be a suitable choice. Hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam with coils can also be a good choice for side sleepers because they offer a balance of support and comfort. The best way to find the right mattress materials for your needs is to try them out at your local mattress store.


The thickness of a mattress can also be an important consideration. For those who prefer to sleep on their sides, a thicker mattress may offer additional support and comfort. However, a mattress that is too thick can also be difficult to climb in and out of as the mattress stands higher above the floor. It’s critical to pick a mattress that is both simple to use and thick enough to offer the support you require. If you do like the idea of a thicker mattress, adding steps to your bed can be a simple solution. 


If you’re a side sleeper looking for a new mattress, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Ultimately, the best kind of mattresses will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Because characteristics like comfort, pressure relief, and firmness are so subjective, we always advise trying a mattress out in person before making a purchase. While it isn’t always possible, it’s one of the best ways to determine whether a certain mattress is right for you. Visit Best Mattress in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and St. George and find the support and comfort you need for a restful night’s sleep. Your body will thank you! 

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