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Beautyrest Black In St. George, Utah

Comfort and sleep go hand in hand, and it is Best Mattresses mission to provide sleepers with maximum comfort.  The Beautyrest Black® is just one of our many mattresses that we sell to unite our customers with much needed rest.  Beautyrest Black®  has been described as a mattress where “technology meets luxury.” The Beautyrest Black®  was designed by Simmons with a supportive innerspring system of 1,935 spring coils that provide supple cushioning for even the most restless sleepers.  Every layer of the mattress is designed to provide maximum comfort in a unique way.

The Beautyrest Black® Difference

  1. The top layer, the Surfacecool™ Plus Fiber works to keep sleepers at the optimal temperature, absorbing heat until the fibers reach a certain temperature, then they produce a warming effect, helping the sleeper sleep comfortably.  
  2. The second layer, full of Aircool® Gel Memory Foam provides individualized relief for pressure points allowing a full, yet comfortable range of movement for each sleeper.
  3. Layer 3, BlackICE™ Memory Foam is cool to the touch, but also comfortable, optimizing sleep for each individual sleeper.  
  4. The next layer, the Comfort Response™ Latex, also works to keep the sleeper cool by allowing heat to ventilate downwards.
  5. The Beautyrest Black® would not be complete without its layer of Advanced Pocketed Coil™, the most durable and conforming coils built to give any sleeper a dreamy night’s sleep.   
  6. The last layer of the mattress, the Aircool® Beautyedge®, offers support, stability, and airflow all the way down to the bottom of the mattress.

Luxurious Technology

The Beautyrest Black is also equipped with over 250 carats of diamond particles in each layer of memory foam.  Diamonds naturally conduct heat (much better copper, graphite, etc.) helping the Beautyrest Black® heat and cool the body, working hand in hand with the layers of gel to wick heat away from your body.  This makes a normal night’s sleep completely blissful.

Find a Beautyrest Black® Mattress Near You

If you’re looking for The Beautyrest Black® in St. George, look no further! Stop by the nearest Best Mattress today to test out our selection of mattresses today!  Our sleep professionals can help you select the perfect mattress to solve your restless nights.  So whether you’re looking for a king, queen, or twin mattress, we have something for you!

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