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A Guide to Selecting the Right Pillow Size

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We all know that beds come in different sizes. There are twin, queen, and king-sized beds, for example. When we select a bed, we know what size of bedding to buy, but what about selecting the right pillow? There are different shapes and sizes of pillows to choose from, accommodating personal preference in terms of look and feel. The fill volume and what the pillow is made of also impacts comfort level. It is important to carefully consider all of this when choosing a pillow. This article will talk about the different pillow sizes when buying pillows in Las Vegas.

Selecting a pillow based on bed size

There are many different pillow sizes to choose from. The most common is standard, which is small to medium in size. There are also bigger pillow styles, including euro, king, and queen sizes. Euro pillows tend to be used for decoration in the US. However, they are the norm in Holland, Germany, and other European countries.

You will want to select a pillow that matches the size of the bed. A king pillow alone may not work well with a twin size bed and a standard pillow may look too small on a king-size bed. But if you want to get creative you can mix and match the different sizes as we will discuss next.

Getting creative with your choice of pillows

Generally speaking, queen pillows and king pillows are purchased for queen and king beds, respectively. However, this does not mean your options cannot be mixed and matched. One of the best things to do is combine some different pillow sizes, as this is effective for adding some elements of visual design to your bed. Start with a bigger pillow size and then you can layer smaller pillows in front of it. This gives you a chance to add different colors and patterns to your bed as well.

Purchasing Pillowcases

Usually, there are two sizes of pillowcases — king and standard. The standard size has been designed to fit queen, super standard, and standard sizes. It measures 20-21″ in length and 30-32″ in width. You will find the same length with a king pillow, yet a larger width at 36-41″.

You can also change up the pillow itself by varying the size of the pillowcase. A larger case is good if you are looking to fluff up your pillow. Purchasing a smaller case helps to keep height and volume while still adding life to the older pillow.

Pillowcases are made at different thread counts. Thread count is the number of threads sewn together in a square inch. Generally, the higher the number the softer the feel, and possibly the longer the pillowcase will last. There are pillowcases with thread counts between 100 and 1000 count. Generally, anything above a count of 200 is considered good. However, above 400 count and you are not necessarily adding to the softness. If a soft pillowcase is what you want, consider the type of martial it is made with.

There are many types of fabrics to choose from including 100% Cotton, Luxury Microfiber, Premium Tencel, Premium Modal, and Premium Bamboo. The pillowcases made with these materials all have a luxurious feel and look amazing.

Pillows for Different Types of Sleepers

Not only do you need to look at the pillow size, but the comfort as well. Stomach and side sleepers often squish and mold their pillows during the night so that there is softness and loft around the head. For some people, a queen or king-size pillow can have a bit too much volume, which is why they would rather go for a standard size pillow. A softer pillow is preferred by other sleepers, such as a feather fill, down, or down alternative.

For those of us who would rather have a pillow that has been designed using sleep science to be sure comfort level is premium, here are some choices for you.

For hot sleepers, there is the Sub-0 pillow by PureCare that draws the heat away so you never get overheated.

For side sleepers, there is the Bamboo Memory Foam pillow in soft, medium, and firm.

For the sleeper that needs a little extra support, there is the Tempur-Pedic pillow with high, mid, and low support.
What Size of Pillow Is Best?

For most bed types and sleepers, a standard pillow is going to be best. It tends to have just the right amount of fill for a perfect night’s sleep as well. If you toss and turn in your sleep, a queen pillow will be a good choice, as you will get a lot of room on either side of your head. Finally, king pillows are designed to accommodate the extra width of a king-size bed.
Whatever your preference, you can be sure to find a pillow that is right for you at Best Mattress where a sleep expert will fit you with the perfect pillow every time.