Beautyrest Platinum at Best Mattress in Las Vegas

One of the most reliable name brands in the industry is Beautyrest. Over the years their mattress products continue to be one of the most popular brands due to their ability to provide a restful night’s sleep. The Beautyrest Platinum is one of the best mattresses due to the following sleep system elements:

  1. Superior Comfort. The new sleep technologies are designed to offer better pressure point relief and assist with freedom of movement.
  2. Temperature Management. Another important element of the Beautyrest Platinum is its ability to manage temperature. Far too often it is easy to become too hot while sleeping. The Beautyrest platinum includes AirCool MAX Diamond Memory Foam, which aids in removing heat and providing optimal temperature.
  3. Support. Out of all the different needs we have while resting, having optimal support is critical to prevent stiffness and soreness. Beautyrest has legendary support systems and the Platinum includes a unique support system with wrapped coils designed to flex to your shape. What the Platinum does is offer generous freedom of movement while providing precision pressure point relief.

Why the Beautyrest Platinum Series?

If you are struggling to receive a good night’s rest, try coming to our Las Vegas showroom to try out the different varieties of Beautyrest mattresses available. The Simmons Beautyrest is one of our most popular lines due to their ability to create models designed for all body types and sleeper preferences.

Many people find the Beautyrest Platinum series to stand far superior to others on the market due to comfort, affordability, and support. So what makes the Platinum series better than others on the market? The platinum series includes a Pocketed Coil support system designed to flex to your unique shape, offering personalized back support, freedom of movement, and the ability to ease pain thanks to the precision pressure point relief.

The Platinum series has a finely tuned sleep system designed to improve the sleeper’s ability to arise refreshed and well-rested. Sleepers have come to trust the Simmons line as one of the best for craftsmanship and durability. The innovative design styles of the Platinum series provide comfort for sleepers needing extra support to those in need of less support. Having the right mixture of coils and memory-foam allows the beds to contour to the different sleeping styles and body types.

If you want to take control of your sleep come to our showroom of Beautyrest Platinum bes in Las Vegas. Purchasing a Beautyrest bed allows you to control your sleep in a new way as it gives you the ability to have complete back support and motion separation and body contouring.

A Cool Night’s Rest

One element of the Platinum series is its ability to provide the cooling plus fiber allowing sleepers to stay cool and comfortable all night. The SurfaceCool will dissipate body heat away from the sleeping surface, keeping you from sweating and getting far too warm at night. The Premier Beautyrest foams work together to offer ultimate comfort.

Some of the important elements that make the cooling feature work include the following:

  • GelTouch Foam – This offers a soothing comfort with surface contouring.
  • AirCool Gel Memory Foam – The memory foam provides air flow, pressure point relief, and allows for freedom of movement.
  • Air Cool Max Memory Foam – This Max Memory foam bed offers optimal sleep temperature as it removes heat when sleeping.

The Beautyrest takes some of the characters from the Recharge series and enhanced the beds by improving the line of luxury models with new cooling features and comfort aspects. Compared to other sleep models, the Platinum series is designed to offer one of the best sleep experiences possible. The expert craftsmanship, smart design, and sleek style are far superior to other brands and models. Selecting the right model allows you to select from an extra firm mattress to a soft pillowtop.


The Platinum series is designed to include models that range from 13’ to 16’ in height. The additional height from other models allows for extra comfort and support. The Platinum Collection has hybrid and non-hybrid models, which include firmness from extra firm to ultra plush.

The support layer is one of the most important in the mattress line. The support layer has 1,000 wrapped pocket coils. The AirCool BeautyEdge pocket coils are ventilated foam encasements that include a sheet of Energy Foam. The Countour layer is what makes the biggest difference as the variety in this middle section that allows for additional support. The final layer is the comfort layer, which has the memory foam. The hybrid and non-hybrid comfort layers differ drastically as the models have some degree of change in the temperature management of the bed. Certain models include a responsive latex layer to control movement. Paired with the Triton base, the sheer comfort of resting on a Beautyrest Platinum bed series is one that will improve your sleep. If you would like to try a Beautyrest Platinum Las Vegas series, come down to one of our stores today!