Best Mattress is proud to offer TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses. Our choice to partner with TEMPUR-Pedic stems not only from the fact that they offer an incredible product, but also because they believe in things like customer service, naturally derived materials, and innovation. Best Mattress carries a large array of Tempur products, including the TEMPUR-Cloud™, the TEMPUR-Weightless™, and the TEMPUR-Contour™.


The TEMPUR-Contour™

If you prefer a firmer bed, The TEMPUR-Contour™ might be the answer to your mattress problems. The TEMPUR-Contour™ is the firmest collection of mattresses offered by Tempur, but the support is unlike those rock-hard beds you may have tried in the past. The Contour offers an unparalleled level of adaptive support without increasing pressure points, so that you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and pain-free. The firmness of the Contour also makes it easier for people with mobility issues to get out of bed, since the surface is firmer and easier to maneuver. Here are just a few other reasons you should try the TEMPUR-Contour™:

Innovative Tempur Material

Unlike traditional foams that soften when exposed to body heat, Tempur material retains its structural integrity—providing you with support throughout the night. Designed by NASA scientists in 1966 as a way to cushion aircraft seats, Tempur material is a vicoelastic foam that contains millions of moveable cells. When you rest on Tempur foam, the cells move based on body weight, automatically offering you more support where you need it and less support where you don’t. Also, unlike traditional foams, Tempur material moves back into its original position once weight has been removed, offering a surface that feels comfortable and brand-new night after night.  

Gel Infused Upper Layer

Every Coutour series mattress is designed with multiple layers of cushioning and support. For example, the Contour series contains a thick layer of durable base foam, topped with two inches of heavily supportive high-density foam, and then a gel-infused upper layer. In addition to giving the top layer more spring, the gel also helps to create a cooling feeling upon contact.

Smartclimate System

Unlike other mattresses, which tend to become dense and compact when in use, the TEMPUR-Contour™ is designed to be breathable, which helps to regulate the user’s body heat during sleep. Designed with performance fabrics, the surface of the Contour is designed to be cool to the touch while wicking away moisture. The lower layers of the mattress are designed to move airflow downwards so that heat and humidity have a way to escape. Instead of waking up clammy and uncomfortable, the Contour can keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all night long.

Antimicrobial Cover Treatment

To keep your mattress clean, safe, and comfortable, the cover of the Contour is also treated with natural anti-microbial ingredients. This treatment works to kill pathogens such as bacteria and dust mites on contact to keep the mattress in top form. Also, since bacteria can emit smelly volatile organic compounds, the anti-bacterial cover helps you to keep your mattress smelling fresh. Pathogens can also create large patches of discoloration, which is another reason this antimicrobial treatment is so essential. With Tempur’s antimicrobial mattress cover, your mattress can remain scent, stain, and pathogen-free for many years to come.

Less Maintenance

Don’t worry about flipping your TEMPUR-Contour™ every six months like all of the other mattresses in your house—it doesn’t need it. Because Tempur material is designed to move back into place time and time again, your mattress won’t need to be turned, flipped, or adjusted to offer a comfortable sleep surface. In fact, the TEMPUR-Contour was designed to stay in place without needing flipping to reduce maintenance for the owners. This feature is especially helpful for people who live alone, experience health problems, or simply don’t have time to fuss with heavy mattresses.

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