Are you ready to receive the best nights rest you have ever had? The Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Medium Hybrid is one of the top new mattresses on the market. Best Mattress provides some of the top Tempurpedic mattresses in Las Vegas and St. George. The medium hybrid is designed to provide a better nights rest by isolating motion and dissipating heat while offering plenty of support. The Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Medium Hybrid uses a combination of memory foam and innerspring coils. Let’s explore the new mattress and find out if this is the right mattress for you!

Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Medium Hybrid Overview

The Medium Hybrid is part of the TEMPUR-ADAPT SERIES collection. Hybrid models are designed to contour to your body and it’s ever-changing needs during sleep. The mattress uses a combination of innerspring coils and memory foam to provide sleepers with sturdy and comfortable support all night. There are over 1000+ coils in the Advanced Series Medium Hybrid to ensure you will have plenty of comfort and support all night. The foam layers within the mattress work in conjunction with the springs to allow plenty of adaptability for sleepers as your body has changing needs throughout the night. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are known for their ability to isolate motion and give you the ability to relax and rest. Joint pain is a common issue for many people and the Tempur-Pedic line is designed to improve blood flow and reduce pain and pressure on the joints. At Best Mattress, we test each product for several factors including:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Motion Isolation
  • Durability
  • Cost

Tempurpedic Las Vegas Mattress Options

When you walk into our storeroom, we encourage you to test out several mattresses. We want our customers to feel the comfort and support of the Tempur-Pedic line. Not only will you be able to feel the difference when you lay on it, you will quickly see how your investment in this mattress will transform your sleeping habits. Each mattress is carefully constructed with advanced technology, and they conform around the body to provide comfort and ultimate support. If you like the way it feels to have your shoulders and hips sink into a mattress, you will love the Hybrid mattress models. The Advanced Series Medium Hybrid is designed to support your entire body, while isolating motion so you do not disturb your partner while you sleep. The mattress itself is constructed with ultra-high molecular weight yarn, which offers superior durability compared to other brands. One of the things we love about the Advanced Series Medium Hybrid is its ability to dissipate heat away from the body. Moving heat away from your body and evenly distributing it will give you a greater chance at a fuller nights rest by keeping you from tossing and turning all night long.

Adjustable Base

When you are dealing with a hybrid mattress, you will have an adjustable base. The adjustable base gives you complete control over the support level and firmness of the mattress. You can set the base to your preferences, making it easy to rest well each night as you can crawl right back into the comfortable position you prefer! Co-sleepers prefer Tempur-Pedic models as they allow you to have more control over your sleeping preferences and finding the right support for both partners. We recommending testing Tempurpedic in St. George to give you an idea of how the mattress feels.

What Makes Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Better Than the Rest?

The Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Medium Hybrid line is designed using advanced technology to construct a mattress that is durable and will last for several years. Tempur-Pedic believes in their line of mattresses and design so much that they offer a 10-year warranty. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made with some of the top materials on the market used to enhance durability and increase the longevity of the mattress. Tempur-Pedic mattresses have some of the top mattresses on the market thanks to the ultimate comfort, support and cooling systems. A hybrid mattress is one that has several different support layers. Each layer is strategically designed to provide different support, giving the sleeper the benefit of being able to move without the rest of the bed shifting and moving. Each layer is stacked on top of the other and they all work together to provide plenty of support. Let’s explore each layer of the Advanced Series Hybrid:

  • Top Cover – the top cover is built to give you a soft layer that you can remove and wash as needed. Cleaning the mattress helps to keep the mattress fresh. The top cover is desirable as it too is soft and can offer an extra layer of comfort. Individuals that like to sleep on their stomach find the top cover to be comfortable and aids in contouring around the body.
  • Unique Climate System – Each hybrid mattress has a unique climate system that helps to pull heat away from the body. By drawing moisture away from your body, the mattress will pull the sweat away and keeps you cooler when sleeping. What this does is help sleepers avoid the frustration of constantly needing to adjust to find a new spot on the mattress that is cool.
  • Comfort Layer – The layer is designed to provide sleepers with the ability rest easy without waking up other people because the springs are wrapped, thereby isolating any motion that might occur. The comfort layer includes advanced memory foam, which contours around the body so you can rest easy. The comfort layer also offers different support for sleepers, allowing you to set the support at the level you need. People who find their arms fall asleep when they are resting on their side will benefit as the memory foam will contour around the body, allowing the blood to flow correctly to all areas of the body. Joint pain suffers find Tempur-Pedic mattresses to be right at the top to aid in reducing pain while sleeping.

If you are ready to receive a full night’s rest without all the hassle, come over to Best Mattress in Las Vegas or St. George today. Our team of professionals is here to help you find the right mattress for your needs. Come lay on the Tempur-Pedic Advanced Series Medium Hybrid to see if this is the best mattress model for your sleeping goals!