For a perfect night’s rest, try Serta’s new and improved version of one of their most popular adjustable bed bases. The Motion Perfect™ III bedframe will give your body the support in needs to feel relaxed and reduce the unhealthy pressure points that come from traditional beds. You’ll experience luxurious comfort whether you’re sleeping, working, or just lounging in your bed. Not only that, but this bed base includes tech features that will help to make you more productive, all from the comfort of your own bed. Or use the six-level massage system to relax and rejuvenate. The features of the Serta® Motion Perfect™ III Adjustable Bed frame include:

Beautiful Design

This bedframe has a stunning, high-end finish that will look great with any bedroom decor. The tapered metal legs give it a modern look, or use the Zero Clearance Design and go without legs. It has also been designed to look great from any angle. For example, the MegaFit™ Retainer System means there is never an unsightly metal bar. The Wall Hugger Design keeps you closer to your nightstand without wasting any space. Headboard brackets are also included at no additional charge.  

Wireless Backlit Remote & Smart Device Control

The Serta® Motion Perfect™ III Adjustable Bedframe comes with a wireless backlit remote that allows you to adjust your bed with convenience, even in the middle of the night. Or enjoy the magnetic remote storage, helping to ensure that you don’t lose your remote. The remote comes with pre programmed positions that you can try, or you adjust the bed to find the perfect position for optimal comfort. The possible position combinations are almost endless. You can also program the bed to automatically adjust after a certain amount of time, so your bed can adjust based on your schedule and your needs.  
Also, you can use an App to control your Motion Perfect III bed base from your favorite smart device. You won’t have to worry or stress about losing your remote, because all the movement is also available on your smartphone or tablet. And in the case of a power outage, the emergency power outage backup means you can continue to relax in the position you want. You’ll never have to worry about your bed getting stuck in one position.

6-Level Massage System

Enjoy a relaxing massage each night as you fall asleep with our 6-level massage system. This massage system is whisper-quiet, giving you the peace you deserve in bed. Additionally, the massage system is designed to gently vibrate both the head and foot portions of your bed, ultimately easing muscle tension and improving blood circulation.


USB Power Ports

Designed with real, modern-day living in mind, the Serta® Motion Perfect™ III Adjustable Bed has 110-volt USB charging stations on both sides of the base. You and your partner can both keep productivity up as charging becomes a cinch.

Position Memory

For instant, one-touch comfort, use pre-set positions that come saved with the bed. Enjoy watching or reading in your bed, without getting a tight body or needing a mountain of pillows. The Serta® Motion Perfect™ III Adjustable Bed also come with the option to program your own favorite positions, allowing you to quickly find the position you’re looking for. There is also a one touch flat option, so you can get to the position you need quickly.
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