iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 1000 Luxury Firm Pillow Top

Life is just too short to sleep on a boring mattress. Why suffer through endless mornings waking up feeling like you slept on a pile of bricks? It is just not worth it. The way you sleep affects every aspect of your life so why are our you relying on your mediocre mattress to deliver the sort of comfort that you are wanting? The sort of comfort that your body is craving? A healthy sleep not only includes the amount of sleep we are getting but the kind of mattress our body is sleeping on. For your body’s sake it needs to be a great one!

Introducing a luxury mattress unlike anything you have ever slept on before. The iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion luxury firm pillow top mattress is top of the line. Experience cushion firm comfort combined with the most advanced temperature regulation technology. The features are unique to this mattress. It features our exclusive TempActiv™ gel memory foam and an extra thick layer of Serta® Support Foam for enhanced airflow and firm, yet cushioning, comfort.

The key features to this mattress that really set it apart from the rest are:

  • TempActive™ Gel Memory Foam
  • Serta® ™ Support Foam
  • Serta® Hybrid Coil™
  • TempActiv™ Touch Fabric

TempActive™ Gel Memory Foam

This gel memory foam is infused with millions of TempActiv™ temperature-regulating gel beads and additional gel for body support. This helps the mattress capture, store and ultimately dissipate heat away from the sleep surface while also helping to properly support every curve of your body.

Gel-infused memory foam is similar to regular memory foam. This is because, it its most common form, it is simply memory foam which has had gel microbeads mixed into it. Thanks to the addition of the sciences, gel-infused memory foam tends to do a better job of regulating sleep temperature and can increase the density of the mattress.

In some way, the general feel of the material is similar to that of regular memory foam. You still get little to no movement if your partner moves around, you still get nice, even support across your body, which should lead to fewer aches and pains once experienced with spring mattresses, but you also now have millions of gel beads infused into the mattress, designed to wick away heat and keep you cool all night long.

Foam density plays a role in gel-infused mattresses, as well. All the same rules apply, but a gel-infused mattress has one big benefit: the gel microbeads actually add to the density of the mattress. This means you’ll experience some added durability and comfort.

Serta® Support Foam

This extra firm foam helps provide a firm yet supportive feeling throughout the mattress. This support foam is meant to help cushion, protect and comfort. When a person lays in a position for a long time, the pressure of downward pulling gravity and upward resistance in the bedding material can affect circulation and damage soft tissues caught in the middle. The pressure-relieving benefits of this support foam helps minimize pain in sensitive areas. When you lay down on the iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion luxury firm pillow top mattress the support foam material yields and adjusts to your shape, rather than forcing your to contour to it. Unlike springs and other materials, this support foam does not push on your back or place added upward pressure on you, the sleeper.

The Serta® Support Foam supports each part of the body evenly and individually by spreading your weight across the bed surface. The mattress contours to your body’s curves, supporting the lower back and allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position. On other materials like springs, typically, shoulders, hips and hels bear the brunt of the pain because weight is concentrated on areas that touch the mattress. This makes it really uncomfortable and often painful for back and side sleepers. Lower back pain and muscle tension can occur without good support.

Our support foam inside this mattress is designed to mold and cradle every part of your body evenly which allows you to settle into your most comfortable position without pressure points. Motion can make a lot of waves in traditional mattresses, which is uncomfortable and disturbs sleep for couples. Another key benefit of our support foam is that the material absorbs motion and isolates rathers than transferring it. When one person gets out of bed or rolls over, their partner isn’t bounced around or jolted out of sleep.

Serta® Hybrid Coil™

The iComfort Hybrid mattress in Las Vegas has the latest and most advanced coil support system built into the mattress. It delivers the ideal balance of support, comfort and durability. It combines a very responsive top section for plus-like comfort, a flexible middle section for conforming support and a durable bottom section that ensures a steady, long-lasting feel. All three of these sections work together to support your entire body.

TempActiv™ Touch Fabric

The iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion luxury firm pillow top is finished with TempActive™ Touch Fabric for an immediate cool-to-the-touch feeling that helps dissipate heat through the night. This is a feature that really sets this mattress apart from the rest. Imagine not only an amazing feeling mattress but one that can actually regulate heat. In Las Vegas this cooling mattress is the one that you have been looking for.

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The features that are in our iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion luxury firm pillow top mattress is unbeatable. You will not find a mattress anywhere that meets all of the needs you have in a mattress. This delivers the comfort, strength, and durability that will take your sleep from mediocre to marvelous. Quit feeling like you are sleeping on a pile of bricks every night and treat yourself to the kind of rest that you want and deserve. It isn’t worth sacrificing your health daily as you sleep on a mattress that is causing you pain and discomfort. Come see for yourself how a mattress can truly change the way you feel. Come visit our store today!