Mattresses go through a lot, and it’s often an unpleasant surprise to us mattress owners when we remove our fitted sheets and see all the stains, gunk, and well…YUCK embedded in our mattress fibers. Humans spend an average of 56-60 hours every week tucked away in bed, so it’s no wonder that our mattresses end up looking a little less than clean. When you sleep for a third of your life, it’s important to invest in a quality mattress that will keep you comfortable for years to come. It’s also even more important to purchase a mattress protector to keep your bed in tip-top shape.

Instead of wasting money on a new mattress every time an unsightly stain or smell appears on yours, you can purchase a mattress protector from us in Las Vegas! Mattress protectors are a cheap and easy way to keep your bed  stain, odor, and bed bug free for years to come! Here at Best Mattress we have a variety of mattress  protectors available in any size. No matter how big (or small!) your bed is, your mattress (and your sleep!)  will be protected with the Purecare Total Encasement mattress protector.

It’s no secret that our mattresses absorb a VARIETY of less-than-great bodily odors and fluids. It doesn’t matter if you (or your kids) haven’t wet the bed in years, there are still unforeseeable stains that can ruin the life of your mattress. Bodily odors like sweat, or other liquids can leave behind nasty odors, stains, and they may even help promote mold and mildew growth. Who wants to sleep on a stinky bed that may be infested with mold? No, thank you!

Don’t worry about the stinky odors and stains, and keep your mattress looking great with a Purecare Total mattress protector. Using a mattress protector can actually add YEARS to the life of your mattress. And since you probably spent well over $500 on your mattress, it’s best to keep that investment protected (and, you know, mold free.) Mattresses are supposed to last anywhere from 7-10 years, and using a mattress protector will ensure that it lives to see it’s tenth year without any yucky stains!

If you find yourself constantly struggling with unforgiving allergies, finding relief may be just as easy as covering your mattress. Doctors everywhere recommend covering both your mattress and your pillows with a protector. When used, a mattress protector can protect against  dust mites, animal dander, and pollen. The Purecare Total should trap over 99.5% percent of allergens floating around in your bedroom, keeping you runny nose free.  Additionally, our mattress confirms to “class one” medically recommended allergen standards. Keeping yourself feeling fantastic is seriously just that easy!

Protecting sleepers against allergens aren’t the only thing that our fantastic protectors do! Did you know that mattress protectors can help prevent bed bug infestations AND they can help prevent bug bites if an infestation has already occurred. Bed bugs love to reside in the springs and the interior of your mattress. Which is why some people don’t even know that they’re dealing with an infestation!  Simply use a mattress protector to help prevent the spread of these pesky (and disgusting) bugs from spreading and hatching in other areas of your home. When protecting against bed bugs, it’s best to use a mattress protector with a zippered encasement. Fortunately, the Purecare Total mattress protector has zippers to lock out (or lock in!) all of those gross bugs. You’ll be totally protected from the blood sucking beasts when you zip your mattress in. A good night’s sleep is only a mattress cover away!

Do you like to toss and turn? Isn’t it just so difficult to find a comfortable position from time to time? Moving around frequently in a bed without a mattress protector can actual cause small abrasions on the surface of your mattress. These abrasions, while not super obvious, can actually break down the fibers of your mattress. These small abrasions can actually cause your mattress to provide you and your back with less support while sleeping. Additionally, these abrasions will spread over time, harming the overall integrity of your mattress. If you are worried about literally rubbing your mattress the wrong way, cover yours with a Purecare total. You won’t have to worry about tossing and turning, and you may even “hit the hay” faster than you did before.

Now, at this point, we know what you’re thinking; aren’t most mattress protectors loud, crinkly, and kind of hot? Now, you’re not at all wrong, most mattress protectors are, but if it’s from Purecare that isn’t the case! Our favorite mattress protector was designed to keep sleepers cool and sound asleep. Plus, the Purecare Total has been clinically proven to be the quietest protector on the market. Some of our customers have even reported being able to fall asleep, and stay asleep much better than they did before using the protector.

The Purecare Total mattress protector works on a variety of mattress types;  memory foam, hybrid, latex, or spring . Additionally, users can wash their mattress protector as often as they see fit. The protector is specifically designed to withstand any kind of wash cycle, but we at Best Mattress recommend that it is washed and dried on a hot setting for maximum sanitation and the best care. Our mattress pads are easy to use, and have built-in zippers for easy placement. Every square inch of your mattress will be protected with this product!  But do you want to know the best part? We offer a 10 year warranty that protects you against any defects that may have occurred in the manufacturing process.

Don’t leave your mattress unprotected for another minute, and visit your nearest Best Mattress store for the best mattress protector in Las Vegas. Ask our team members for the “Purecare Total Mattress Protector” when purchasing a mattress protector, and sleep soundly for years to come!