Purecare StainGuard Mattress Protector
in Las Vegas

When hosting guests, the last thing you really think about is how you should protect your mattress! As hosts, we are only concerned with the safety and comfort of our guests. We rarely think about how to protect our spare mattresses for future visitors to come. Because our guests mattresses are rarely in use, we often forget that low-use mattresses still harbor pests, dust, and other gunk.  It’s time to protect your guest bed just as you would protect your own mattress from dust mites, bed bugs, and other pets. It’s important to do what you can to protect furniture for years to come.


If you are looking for a low-cost mattress protector today, try Best Mattress for the best selection of mattress protectors in Las Vegas! We have tons of different mattress protectors available, and we would love to help you find a mattress that is perfect for you, your mattress, and your sleep schedule. We understand how important mattress protection is, and we are committed to making sure your mattress(es) are it the best condition for years to come.


The average American invests thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime on mattresses and sleep aids. But  a majority of those investments aren’t fulfilled due to stained, infested, or just plain ruined mattresses. Instead of  literally “throwing away” your investments in regards to your sleep, it’s time to start protecting your investments, instead!  Leaving your mattress unprotected leaves sleepers susceptible to bed bugs, allergens, and dust mites. If you are looking for a inexpensive but effective mattress protectors in Las Vegas, Best Mattress recommends the Purecare Stainguard for your low-use mattresses.  

Over the course of a few years, even minimal wear and tear can create tough and ugly stains on the surface of your mattress and pillows. Gross mattresses aren’t the most appealing thing to sleep on, and household guests would usually agree! Stop feeling embarrassed (or worried!) about the way your mattress looks to guests. With a Purecare mattress protector, your mattress will look great no matter what. It protects your mattress from future stains while hiding existing ones.

Bed bugs and other pesky insects travel easily from clothing to mattress  and allergens are released easily into the air when mattresses are only protected by a thin cotton sheet. Even low use mattresses can harbor dust mites and other allergens. Not only is it harmful for you to breathe in all of those dust mites and allergens, but it’s harmful for your guests, as well. No one wants their house guests to leave with aggravated allergies and a stuffy nose!  Protecting your mattress is the best way to ensure that you’ll get the longest use, while keeping your family members protected from allergens and other pests.

Most mattress covers are loud, hot, and usually made from a less than great material. The Purecare Stainguard is designed to keep sleepers cool and comfortable. The one-way absorbency of our polyester tricot fabric is silent, so your guests will get to sleep, and stay asleep without the pesky “crinkle” of typical mattress protectors. Starting at only $29.99 this mattress protector is the best deal we can offer our customers when it comes to lasting and quality mattress protection. The Purecare Stainguard works well on any kind of mattress. Regardless of if you have a gel, memory foam, or regular mattress, they’ll all be protected (and protected well!) with our mattress protector.

Even if you only have houseguests once a year, mattress and pillow stains can take a toll on your bedding, leaving it less beautiful than once remembered. The Purecare Stainguard is incredibly inexpensive and it  works wonderfully at protecting the top of your mattress.This mattress protector uses a tough polyester tricot fabric that keeps the top of your mattress completely dry and stain free while still protecting sleepers from dust mites and other harmful invaders. If an accident does occur, the Purecare Stainguard will whisk away any moisture, leaving the top of the protector, and the mattress itself clean and dry.

Of course, pesky stains don’t look super great on your mattress protector, either! After your guests leave, toss your protector in the wash to get it looking as good as new.  At Best Mattress Las Vegas recommend that the Purecare Stainguard is washed regularly. Simply toss the protector in the wash on a warm setting and dry on cool. You won’t even notice that you had a guest slept on your spare mattress!

If you are expecting houseguests soon, head to Best Mattress in Las Vegas to purchase the inexpensive Purecare Stainguard to keep your bed (and your guests!) protected from anything. With the Purecare StainGuard Polyflex mattress protector, you can sleep soundly knowing your guest mattress is staying cool, dry, and stain free!