Purecare Frio Mattress Protector
in Las Vegas

PureCare’s newest creation to hit the market is the FRIO, a mattress cover designed to protect the bed from moisture while providing a physical barrier against dust mites, allergens, and more. The National Sleep Foundation and Women’s Choice Award both use the PureCare FRIO as the official mattress protector for their products. If you are concerned about sweating due to the mattress protector, don’t worry, this mattress protector is rated as one of the best in creating a cooler sleep environment. If you need a mattress protector in Las Vegas, look no further than Best Mattress!


Choosing a Mattress Protector

How can you determine what makes for a great mattress protector? A good protector normally has a single sheet that only focuses on keeping the bed dry and free from bed bugs. The nicer mattress protectors can help to prevent issues like mold, mildew, stains, dust mites, and more from causing damage to the mattress, while also focusing on letting someone sleep well. PureCare goes beyond these basic elements and has created a mattress protector designed to envelope the mattress to protect from allergens, dust mites, moisture, stains, and more. The other element of the mattress protector that helps it stand out is its ability to allow cooling relief while sleeping.

Staying Cool While Sleeping

Far too often mattress protectors will use plastic, which can make a person sweat while sleeping on top of the protector. The PureCare FRIO mattress protector was built with this element in mind. To combat heat and sweating at night they used the specially designed OmniGuard Advanced fabric including rapid chill cooling fibers. The cooling fibers will pull body heat and distribute it throughout the surface of the protector. In moving the heat, it prevents moisture from building up and penetrating the mattress.


FRIO was designed with heat reduction in mind. The mattress tunnels the heat away using the mineral based fibers. The fibers are known for distributing heat evenly, which means people that share the bed will not suffer from overheating. The heat reduction fibers were built into the mattress cover and they will not wash out, so you can have cooler night’s rest!


Anti-Microbial Protection

PureCare’s 5-Sided mattress cover is designed to fit snugly against your mattress. It doesn’t have that annoying plastic noise other mattress covers make. Instead the FRIO includes features designed for anti-microbial protection by using silver chloride.

Healthy Bodies While Sleeping

One of the unique features of the Purecare FRIO is its ability to improve your health while sleeping. Using different technology to create the mattress, it helps to not only move heat away from the body, but disperses it throughout the mattress. The proper heat disbursement allows the blood to flow properly while sleeping, helping to soothe sore muscles and rejuvenate the body.


Pest Protection

Bed bugs have been a hot topic lately in the industry due to numerous hotels dealing with infestations. Pest like bed bugs are not as common if you do not travel frequently, but a good mattress cover can aid in reducing the risk of your bed becoming infested. Not only will the mattress stay safe from pests, it will stay protected against other issues like dust mites and allergens.

Is it Durable?

When selecting a mattress cover, it pays to invest in one that will last. The durability factor of PureCare mattress protectors is higher than others. It lasts much longer than most people expect and it can be washed frequently without losing any of its heat dissipating qualities. The waterproofing membranes do not wear out either, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it frequently.


PureCare does stand behind their products and they provide a 10-year warranty on all mattress protectors. The warranty will cover the materials and craftsmanship while Best Mattress can provide additional warranty options when you purchase a mattress and protector from our Las Vegas showroom. To be eligible for the warranty, you will need to register your product online.


Why Choose PureCare FRIO?

PureCare places their products through rigorous testing to ensure they will work as claimed. Dr. Phillip M. Tierno Jr. is the Director of Clinical Microbiology & Immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center. Dr. Tieno is a microbiologist who has years of research dealing with mattress protectors and has deemed the PureCare products one of the top mattress protectors on the market. According to online reviews, 9 out of 10 customers recommend the PureCare FRIO.


Why Does Best Mattress Choose the PureCare FRIO Mattress Protector?

At Best Mattress, we side with products that have been endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation and rigorously tested by our staff. We want to help our customers receive the best sleep while also focusing on choosing products designed around sleep safety and health. Come test the PureCare Frio mattress protector for yourself in our Las Vegas showroom!