At Best Mattress, we provide a wide range of mattress and other items to give you a better night’s sleep. We offer a large variety of mattresses including different brands and different styles. We can help you figure out how to elevate your night’s sleep by throwing out your old mattress and finding one that fits your sleeping style. This is why we offer firm mattress, soft mattresses, and those in between. We even have models that are designed to keep you cooler at night. We have lines such as Tempur-Pedic and many more.


Along with finding the ideal mattress for your personal sleeping style, having comfortable sheets, blankets, and pillows is hugely important. Even with finding a great, comfortable mattress, you might still be having trouble sleeping if your sheets are old and scratchy or if your pillow is too hard or too soft. We also offer pillows, sheets, and other sleep related products so that you can take your sleeping to the next level and wake up feeling more rested the next day. If you aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep, this can hold you back from having energy during the day to accomplish tasks in your busy life.


PureCare Bamboo Terrene Sheets


If you are tired of sleeping on the same sheets you’ve had for the past ten years, we have you covered. We provide many high quality sheets that will fit correctly and provide a smooth, crisp surface on your mattress. Slipping into cool, high quality sheets at the end of the day is a feeling that can’t be beat.


One great product we carry that can help you get a better night’s sleep is Purecare Bamboo Terrene Sheets. By finding a great quality sheet to add onto a great quality mattress, you will likely see your quality of sleep improve.


This product offers rich comfort with the soft feel created through bamboo rayon sheets. This product is part of the PureCare Elements™ collection of sheets.These sheets are made with Terrene® materials. They also come in many different colors including Sage, Dove Gray, Ivory, White, and Sand. This means you will be able to find the right color to fit your style and the design of the room you plan to put the sheets in. These sheets come with many exciting features.


Antimicrobial Silver Chloride Product Protection


The PureCare Bamboo Terrene sheets are treated with a antimicrobial silver chloride solution that serves to restrict bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. These things can cause the sheet to deteriorate and lead to stains and odors. With this protection, the sheet is less likely to stain and will stay fresh and beautiful longer.

Premium Sateen Fiber Weave

This product also comes with bamboo rayon and luxury staple cotton infusion through a premium sateen weave. This is a high quality fabric with its blend of bamboo rayon and cotton fibers. This blend creates a soft, crisp surface that is pleasant to sleep on. The feel of the sheets are high quality and smooth to the touch.

Pocketed Precision-Fit Corners™

PureCare Bamboo sheets also come with a custom design that is constructed for a comfortable night’s sleep. These sheets have Precision-Fit corners to create a smooth surface that isn’t crinkly and falling off. The fitted sheet include a 1” elastic cuff to keep it from sliding around and off your mattress. The sheets are made with extra fabric width-wise to ensure complete coverage of your mattress.


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PureCare Bamboo Terrene Sheets are available at Best Mattress. We also carry other Pure Care Products including pillow protectors and mattress protectors which can contribute to a more comfortable night of rest. We have 21 locations in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and St. George. You won’t have to travel too far if you live in these areas to find us! We are happy to give you more information about PureCare products, or any of the other product lines we carry, and help you find the best fit for you personally. Our staff are all friendly, professional, and happy to make recommendations. You can also give us a call to learn more.