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Just as important as choosing a good mattress to help you get to sleep is to ensure that your bed has a good foundation. The right foundation will ensure that you see the maximum comfort and support for your bed, and help it stay in shape for much longer.

For that reason, we’re going to take a look at the kind of difference a box spring for your mattress can make. In particular, we’re going to look at Stearns & Foster Box Springs in Las Vegas, what you need to know about these products, and how they may be able to improve your night’s sleep.

About Stearns & Foster Box Springs in Las Vegas

The foundations for your bed are designed to sit under the vast majority of mattresses, with different sizes of box springs for each size of mattress, including double, king and queen. Stearns & Foster box springs are designed to absorb the shock of movement during nighttime and to elevate the mattress, protecting it from dust, exposure to cold air, and more.

Stearns & Foster have become one of the premier names in box spring design, with these wood rimmed products covered in cloth. This combination offers both the stability that your bed needs, while the close ensures that rogue springs don’t cause any harm to the mattress. These box springs are not essential for any mattress, not even Stearns & Foster mattresses, but they do enhance the benefits of the mattress while helping to keep them in good condition for a lot longer.

Some of their bases come in 2-pieces that are easily put together, making both the delivery process simpler and help you more easily move the base in the future, as well. Stearns & Foster bases are well suited to standard-size bed frames and support all kinds of mattress, while coordinating best with their own Stearns & Foster mattress.

A Range Of Foundations To Suit Your Needs

There are no one size fits all solutions when it comes to getting the best possible sleep. For that reason, Stearns & Foster offers a wide range of different types of foundation to give your mattress the support it needs in precisely the way that you prefer.

No matter what type you get, you always benefit from the solid base that supports the mattress with a solid surface, extending both their durability and comfort.  However, they come in multiple sizes, including twin long, full, queen, split queen, and king size bases.

Furthermore, the foundations come in different thicknesses as well. The three currently available at the time of writing are 3 inch, 5 inch, and 9 inch, also known as ultra-low profile, low profile, or high profile. As such, customers can get precisely the level of elevation, and isolation that they want.

This means that you may be able to get a box spring that fits your precise needs, whatever they may be. However, you prefer to sleep, you can choose a foundation that enhances the comfort of your mattress and gets the longest life out of it, too.

The Importance Of A Box Spring For Your Mattress

If you’re looking at Stearns & Foster Box Springs in Las Vegas, then there’s a good chance you’re already aware of the difference that a box spring mattress can make. However, just in case you’re not aware, let’s break down the impact this particular kind of mattress can make on your sleep.

Box springs contain a wooden frame that is covered by fabric and supported by internal names, just as the name implies. The box spring supports the mattress, keeping it off the ground, and isolated from dust and other debris.

What does this do for you and your quality of sleep? Well, box springs are known to maximize just how well a mattress can distribute a sleepers weight, and act as a shock absorber for the mattress, which can help isolate any movement. As such, if you sleep with a partner, then they’re less likely to be woken up by you moving around.

Most important, a good box spring prevents the mattress from sinking and becoming more uncomfortable over time. This means that your sleeping experience is preserved for longer and you’re less likely to experience aches and pains as a result.

Difference Between Platform Beds And Box Springs

Platform beds are, as the name suggests, beds on a raised platform. Unlike box springs, they are hollow beneath the platform itself. They also do not have the springs to support the mattress that a box spring does, but usually rely on horizontal slats or bars that can be made of wood, PVC, metal, or plastic.

There are many types of platform beds, but most of them offer the same disadvantages when compared to box springs. They have a lower height, for instance, which may make them ill-suited to people with posture issues. They are considerably harder to move to install and move around.

Box spring beds, on the other hand, are easier to move and install, and come with a variety of heights, so they can be suited to all kinds of sleepers. However, the main benefit of the box spring is, of course, in the support that it offers. They prevent mattresses from sagging, and help to absorb body weight, extending the life of even the most basic of mattresses.

Should You Invest In A Stearns & Foster Box Spring in Las Vegas?

If you feel like your mattresses start to wear down much too quickly, or that they’re not as comfortable as you expect them to be, then a box spring might just be the answer that you need. As a strong, stable, and well-crafted foundation, a Stearns & Foster box spring could help you get the kind of quality sleep you need.

Of course, choosing the right mattress is just as important as choosing the right box spring. Keep looking through our blog posts to learn more about which mattresses might be the best fit for you, and how other box springs and foundations might compare, too.