Sherwood Vista EuroTop Mattress

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The Sherwood Vista EuroTop Mattress is a super soft mattress that includes:

  • Edge Performance: a foam encasement that ensures maximum edge support to keep the entire mattress stable with 14% more sleeping area.
  • Natural TENCEL Fibers: super soft and durable TENCEL fibers made from environmentally responsible sourced wood.
  • 460 Double Offset Verti-Coil System: absorbs shocks for better support and ensures the longevity of the mattress.
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Stay comfortable on this Sherwood Bedding Vista Jumbo Pillow Top mattress. With a range of sizes to suit your every need and bed, this series ensures you get a great night’s sleep every time.

Plush Euro Top

At the very top, the pillow top plays its part in keeping you fully relaxed throughout the night. If you are a back sleeper, the pillow top helps support the spine, while those who prefer to sleep on their sides find that it can conform to your shoulders, hips, and back, virtually eliminating pressure points. This makes a Vista Jumbo Pillow Top mattress ideal for those who have different sleeping styles yet wish to share the same bed.

Soy-Based Cool Gel Quilt Foam

At the heart of every Sherwood Bedding Vista Jumbo Pillow Top mattress, you get multiple layers of soy-based foam. The high-density Cool Gel quilt foam wicks away heat to ensure that you maintain a steady temperature throughout the night, no matter what the temperature outside. The super-soft quilt foam and the high-density super soft comfort foam reduce motion transfer, virtually eliminating the effect of a restless partner. Underneath this are thick layers of high-density medium-firm support foam, evenly distributing pressure while keeping your back and side suitably aligned.

Edge Performance

Around each Sherwood Bedding Vista Jumbo Pillow Top mattress is a foam encasement. This ensures maximum edge performance and keeps the entire mattress stable. In addition, the encasement acts as part of the bed itself, letting you sleep comfortably on an extra 14% of the bed, rather than having to avoid the edges.

Natural TENCEL Fibers

Natural TENCEL fibers maximize softness for a good night’s sleep. These panels are made from environmentally responsible sourced wood, and they are kind to skin while helping eliminate moisture. The stretch knit further enhances surface comfort to deliver outstanding results, and the ticking fabric is tightly woven for durability.

Double Offset Verti-Coil system

In most supportive mattress systems, high-quality springs are crucial. The 460 double offset Verti-Coil system absorbs shocks to ensure the longevity of the mattress. In conjunction with the foam layers, including the super-thick shock-absorbing base foam, they also deliver outstanding support and comfort while reducing weight.

Firm Foundation

Essential for longevity, a foundation raises the mattress off the ground and also adds yet another layer of shock and impact absorption. Each foundation makes it easier to get in and out of bed, while also prevent sagging and sinking by supporting the mattress across its entire surface. It also helps eliminate moisture buildup, reducing the risk of mold and mildew and ensures the foam layers stay supple for longer. Finally, the foundation prevents slippage, ensuring consistent support even for the most restless of sleepers.

Ultimately, a great mattress requires careful construction to ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep. With multiple foam layers, a precision-engineered coil system to eliminate motion transfer, a sturdy foundation and a plush pillow top and paneling, these Sherwood Bedding Vista Jumbo Pillow Top Pillow Top mattresses help you sleep better.