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Purple Cloud Pillow

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Fans of down and down-alternative pillows—this one’s for you! Purple upgraded the cloud-like comfort of down by filling the Purple Cloud Pillow with hypoallergenic, ultra-fine gel fibers that won’t clump, trap heat, or flatten over time. The result is plush cushioning that molds to support your head and neck. Want double the features and endless comfort possibilities?


Classic Down-Like Support

Engineered to mimic down, the Purple Cloud’s silky-soft fibers provide plush, moldable cushioning that supports the head and neck.

Always-Fluffy Filling

The crimped gel fibers are coated with silicone to offer enhanced durability and won’t fall flat or clump – even after washing.

Allergy + Airflow-Friendly

The breathable, 100% cotton cover encases premium, down-like fibers that won’t trap heat or trigger allergies.


Standard Dimensions: 17″ x 24″ x 6″
King Dimensions: 17″ x 34″ x 6″
Cover: 100% cotton, 300 thread count, BCI certified
Fill: 100% gel fiber

Selecting the right pillow is as essential as choosing the right mattress. If you are familiar with the Purple Mattress, you will be excited to try the Purple Cloud Pillow. The Purple Cloud Pillow delivers a down-alternative pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep. When you select a Purple Cloud Pillow, you reduce your chances of waking because of a hot pillow. Also, avoid sneezing or coughing because this pillow is hypoallergenic.

The Purple Cloud Pillow has all the qualities that make it the pillow of choice for people looking to improve their sleep. It is supportive and offers resilience, softness, and squishiness that provide that feeling of settling down on a cloud when it’s time to sleep. A Purple Cloud Pillow provides comfort and support you need where you need it.

Hypoallergenic and Breathable

The Purple Pillow contains ultra-fine gel fibers engineered to prevent it from becoming flat or lumpy. The hypoallergenic fibers allow airflow, creating a breathable pillow that does not trap heat. For those familiar with down pillows, the Purple Cloud Pillow mimics that of a feather or down-filled pillow. The silicone-coated, down-alternative fibers reduce the risk of allergens and prevent the uncomfortable clumping that can occur after washing down pillows. Washing and tumble drying the pillow on low heat is all that’s needed to keep it clean, comfortable, and allergen-free.

Supports Restful Sleep

Sleeping position is a factor to consider when you choose a pillow. The inability to achieve a comfortable and supportive sleeping position can result in body aches, tiredness, and stiffness. Back sleepers need a pillow that supports the head and neck and natural spine curvature. Side sleepers benefit from a taller pillow that supports the head and neck, keeping the spine in a horizontal, straight line. A flat pillow prevents head and neck strain for stomach sleepers. However, many don’t sleep in one position, but they move or change positions during sleep.

The Purple Cloud Pillow is moldable for various sleeping positions. It can support side, back, and stomach sleepers who tend to adjust their positions while sleeping. The Purple Cloud Pillow supports posture by keeping the head, neck, and spine aligned.

Breathable Cotton Cover

The Purple Cloud pillow comes with a 100 percent cotton, 300 thread count cover. The cotton is BCI certified, meaning it is grown using environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. Better Cotton Initiative standards apply to cotton sourced from diverse regions. BCI growers get fair treatment, and companies that buy their cotton expect them to grow it using practices that minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Certified Non-toxic

The Purple Cloud Pillow has earned the Intertek CleanAir GOLD certification. Intertek is a third-party quality assurance company. Intertek certifies products that use processes and materials that reduce health risks from exposure to chemicals and meet standards for reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Machine Washable and Easy Care

To care for the Purple Cloud Pillow, wash it on the delicate cycle in warm water and, if necessary, use non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry the pillow using the delicate cycle and low heat, but do not iron. If the pillow does not dry completely, repeat the drying process. When the Purple Cloud Pillow dries, expect it to be as fluffy and supportive as when purchased.

The Purple Cloud is the Pillow for You

If you seek a plush, down-alternative pillow that is always fluffy and offers comfort and support for restful sleep, the Purple Cloud Pillow is the total package. The Purple Cloud Pillow allows you to rest without worrying about allergy triggers, and the high-quality materials make it durable and easy to maintain.