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Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

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Designed to help improve your sleep quality and daily comfort, the Ascent Adjustable Base provides premium, customizable support for your mattress at an affordable price. Use the Sitting preset to get work done from the comfort of the bed. Give Zero-Gravity a try for a near-weightless feel. Select Anti-Snoring mode to quiet your partner. Once you experience all that an adjustable base has to offer, you’ll never go back to your old bed frame.


  • Anti-Snore preset for a more peaceful slumber
  • Zero-Gravity preset to create a near-weightless feel
  • Sitting preset to support you while working or relaxing
  • Fully customizable articulating head and foot sections
  • Two USB charging ports on each side of the bed
  • 750lb Weight Capacity

Find your perfect position with the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. Climb into bed, pick up the remote and adjust the head and foot sections until you find the ideal elevation. You can lie back, sit up straight, elevate your feet or rest on a flat platform. Buy a Purple mattress from Best Mattress to go with your new base, or use your current compatible mattress.

What Is the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base?

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is a foundation that you can adjust until you find your perfect position. While regular foundations lie flat, adjustable bases offer a variety of angles. Add the mattress, pillows, and bed sheets, then sit up, recline and experiment with different modes. This base fits inside most bed frames and is compatible with headboards, so you can add a stylish touch to your new bed.

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Features

All the best adjustable bases come with special features that make the sleep experience more enjoyable and convenient.

Preset Modes

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base comes with three preset modes:

  • Anti-Snore mode. If you or your partner snore at night, Anti-Snore mode elevates your head and torso to open your airway. This reduces snoring, enabling both of you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Zero-Gravity mode. Feel ultimate relaxation with Zero-Gravity mode, which elevates your head and feet to distribute your weight evenly. This position relieves back pain, opens your airways, eases stress, and makes it easy to relax or meditate. You might even fall asleep in this mode.
  • Sitting mode. When you sit on a regular bed, you have to fluff up the pillows and lean against the wall or headboard. The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base comes with a preset sitting mode so you can sit upright and focus while you work from home, watch TV or read a book.

In addition to preset modes, the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base has customizable head and foot positions so you can create your perfect position.

Easy-to-Use Technology

To adjust the bed, use the remote with simple, easy-to-use buttons that change your position in seconds. Adjust the head and foot sections separately, then hit a button to reset the bed to the flat position. Customize the preset modes so you can save your favorite positions and re-adjust the bed immediately.

While you relax in bed, use the USB ports to charge your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or gaming device. No need to break out the extension cord because the outlet is across the room—it’s all connected to your Purple Ascent Adjustable Base.

Attractive Design

With a sleek, streamlined design, the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base can blend in with your modern decor or become the centerpiece of your bedroom. Wooden legs give the adjustable base an earthy touch to break up the neutral colors. Order pillows, bed sheets, and accessories from Best Mattress to complete your new bedroom.

Do You Need a Specific Mattress?

You can use any mattress that’s made for adjustable bed frames, including your old mattress. However, if you want to start fresh, Best Mattress sells Purple mattresses with the latest features and technology. Talk to us about finding the right mattress and bed frame for your Purple Ascent Adjustable Base.

Can You and Your Partner Adjust the Bed Separately?

If you buy a Split model, you and your partner can adjust the bed separately. One person can sleep while another stays up and reads in bed. Split models come with two remotes to give you control over your side of the bed. Sleep in the position that’s most comfortable for you.

How Do You Order a Purple Ascent Adjustable Base?

To order a Purple Ascent Adjustable Base online, choose your options, add the item to your cart and go through the checkout process. Make sure you check out our promotions and liquidation sales—you might find a discount. If applicable, add a coupon code, then finalize the order. We’ll ship the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base directly to your house. This base requires minimal assembly so you can complete your bedroom and start enjoying your new bed right away.

If you live in St. George or Las Vegas, stop by one of our locations to experience the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base in person. We’ll answer your questions, show you how it works, and if you wish, recommend products like mattresses that are compatible with adjustable beds. Ask us about our current specials so we can give you the best possible price.

Get Started with Best Mattress

Start shopping for a new bedroom today with Best Mattress. Pick up everything you need in a single order: your adjustable base or bed frame, a new mattress, pillows, bed sheets, and mattress protectors. Afterward, pick up a sleep tracker to evaluate your sleep quality. Reach out to us if you need help—we’ll make recommendations that make it easier to sleep at night.

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