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King Koil Troon Trimline Plush Mattress

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The King Koil Westlake Luxury Firm Euro Top combines many comfort and support layers for enhanced sleep. These layers include:
ContourFlex Pro Encased Coil System: lowers motion disturbance and body pressure points
2000 Perimeter Zoned Micro Coils: strategically positioned support zones
4#RMF (Responsive Memory Foam): a luxury high-density memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body
Super Stretch Tencel Fabric: breathable and natural fabric offering pressure relief and reduced motion transfer
Tailormade Tufting: ensures years of comfortable and consistent sleep

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Collapse into bed at night with the King Koil Intimate Calalina Troon Trimline Plush mattress. Natural wool and cotton, cool memory foam, encased steel coils, moisture-wicking latex, and 4K micro coils cradle your body while you sleep and help you wake up refreshed the next morning. This King Koil mattress conforms to your body so you’ll enjoy the perfect balance of softness and support. In the summer, this mattress wicks away heat and sweat; in the winter, the softness keeps you comfortable during the long winter nights.

Best Mattress sells King Koil mattresses with all the features that you need for maximum comfort. Here’s a rundown of the features that come with the King Koil Intimate Calalina Troon Trimline Plush mattress.

Encased Coil System

King Koil’s 858 ContourFlex Pro Encased Coil System offers extra support and pain relief during the night. This system has 858 individually encased coils that support the mattress, offering consistent support across the surface. When the coils take the weight off your pressure points, you’ll have a better night’s sleep with less tossing and turning.

Each King Koil Troon Trimline Plush mattress comes with two layers of 4k micro coils. These coils provide extra support and conform to your body while maintaining a consistent shape. Micro coils also provide a firm base for the mattress layers, keeping everything in place while you sleep.

Tailormade Tufting

Tufting is a type of weaving that sews the top layer of the quilt to the layers inside the mattress. This keeps the layers secure so they don’t shift, sag, or fall apart. Without tufting, as you wear out the mattress, your body might feel like it’s sinking into the fabric. The layers could slip out of place, exposing the springs and making the mattress uncomfortable to sleep on.

King Koil’s Tailormade Tufting holds your mattress’s shape and supports your body after years of nightly use. No tossing and turning to find a comfortable position—you’ll enjoy comfort and consistency every time you fall into bed.

Natural Materials

Natural cotton and wool provide softness, comfort, and durability. The light, breathable cotton keeps you cool and relaxed during the summer. With a wool quilt, the top of the mattress is so cushy that you won’t even need a bedsheet. The King Koil Troon Trimline Plush mattress uses hypoallergenic cotton with minimal chemicals to avoid triggering an allergic reaction.

Cool Memory Foam

Graphite-infused memory foam conforms to the shape of your body when you climb into bed. If you sleep with a pet or another person, memory foam reduces motion disturbance. You can get out of bed without waking up the other sleeper. When you get up, memory foam returns to its original shape, so you won’t have your shape imprinted in the mattress.

Carbon Cool Memory Foam keeps you cool and supports pressure points, relieving pain from aching joints. The carbon foam draws heat away from your body and keeps the air circulating. If you sweat during the night, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed instead of hot and uncomfortable.

Graphite Latex

During production, King Koil infuses the latex with graphite. Graphite has natural fire-retardant properties that make your mattress safe without the need for artificial chemicals. The graphite Talalay latex resists dust mites, allergens, and other contaminants, reducing the risk of health issues.

Latex is a cool, breathable material that allows air to circulate through the mattress. This keeps you cool during the night as it wicks away humidity and moisture. While latex is soft and comfortable, it offers support to keep your back straight and relieve pressure points. Wake up in the morning without feeling sore and achy.

Anti-Microbial Fibers

Spills, dirt, grime, and crumbs encourage bacterial growth in your mattress. Before you know it, your mold, mildew, or microbes have contaminated your mattress. This could make you sick, trigger an allergic reaction or contaminate other areas in your house. You can’t exactly avoid sleeping at night—but you can invest in a mattress with anti-microbial fibers.

King Koil Troon Trimline Plush mattress features anti-microbial fibers that resist mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. You’ll have fewer instances of mold, fungi, bedbugs, dust mites, and other contaminants that trigger an allergic reaction. As a result, you’ll enjoy better health and get more years out of your mattress.

Tailored Features

The King Koil Troon Trimline Plush mattress features embroidered, handcrafted details for maximum longevity. This includes embroidered labels and handles, steel corner guards, and upholstered fabric. Other features include Excellent Edge™ Foam Encasement, which offers comfortable edge support. The foam is sturdy enough that you won’t fall off the edge but cushy enough that you can sleep on it comfortably.

For a final touch, this plush mattress comes with a semi-flex foundation. The strong foundation gives the mattress layers a firm, sturdy base without being hard or uncomfortable.

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