Beautyrest Triton Low Profile Flat Foundation

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Add sturdy support to your mattress with this Beautyrest Trident low-profile box spring is  strong and durable for stable mattress performance.
L: 80″ x W: 60″ x H: 5″

Weight: 58.5 lbs.

Box spring only
Includes 5″ low-profile box spring; mattress sold separately (9″ high-profile box spring also available)

Box spring provides rigid support for stable mattress performance

When it comes to mattresses, a solid foundation is important!

What is a mattress foundation? 

A mattress foundation is whatever your mattress rests on. This could be be wooden box springs, wooden slats or even just the floor. If your mattress isn’t supported well, then your sleep quality will be impacted. Broken or weak bed foundations can lead to a sagging mattress, which means your body won’t be properly supported, leading to pain when you wake up. 

Benefits of a mattress foundation

There are some key benefits to a good mattress foundation, both for your health and your wallet.

  • Improved support
  • Increased lifespan of the mattress
  • Added height
  • Cleaner bed
  • Increased airflow
  • No mattress sliding

If you choose the right mattress foundation, like the Beautyrest Low Profile Flat Foundation in Las Vegas, your bed and your body will be properly supported. 

Improved support

Without a proper foundation, your mattress is more likely to sag. A sagging mattress can cause all kinds of aches and pains, leaving your uncomfortable and sore. Mattresses are designed to go on a foundation, not the floor, so by using a foundation, you can experience your mattress as it was intended. 

Increased lifespan of the mattress

Your mattress is a hard working item, standing up to years of sleeping, lounging or the kids jumping on the bed. After a few years of service, your mattress will begin to lose its vitality. The right support can add years to the life of your mattress. It’s especially important for large beds or memory foam mattresses to be well supported, as the weight of the mattress can cause it to buckle over time. 

A mattress foundation provides the kind of firm support that the mattress needs, allowing it to do its job properly and for much longer. You can save yourself a lot of money by not needing to replace your mattress as often. 

Added height

Nobody likes to get out of bed in the morning, and you don’t need to make it harder by having your bed too low. A higher mattress makes it easier to swing out of bed. A mattress foundation can add up to 16 inches to the height of your bed, making it easier to get in and out, and keeping you further away from the cold air, dust and humidity that gathers on the floor. Adding some height is also a good way to prolong the life of your mattress. 

Cleaner bed

The floor gets pretty dirty. The closer your mattress is to the floor, the more dirty it will become. Hair, deak skin, bugs, mites, allergens and all kinds of other debris gather on your floor and you don’t want your mattress lying in those. 

Lifting your mattress with a mattress foundation keeps it away from all that potential dirt, as well as keeping you away from it too. This is better for your health and keeps your mattress much cleaner. It stops your mattress from becoming full of mold, mildew and moisture. 

This is particularly important for innerspring mattresses, which have coils, as there is more space inside for mites and bacteria to gather. It’s important for mattresses made of latex or memory foam too. 

Increased airflow

If you often wake up hot and sweaty, your mattress might not be the problem. A breathable mattress can only be breathable if they are on a surface that promotes airflow. A mattress foundation lets your mattress breathe freely, helping you to keep cool while you sleep. If your mattress isn’t all that breathable, like memory foam, but the right mattress support can help with some much needed airflow. 

No mattress sliding

Mattresses can be prone to slipping and sliding around during the night as your sleep. This can make it hard to get comfy, especially if you’re sharing the mattress with a partner. If you’re fed up of ending up on the other side of the room every time your partner rolls over, then a mattress foundation can add some more stability to your bed. A foundation without wheels anchors your bed to the floor, and stops your mattress from sliding around and ending up where you don’t want it. 

How to shop for a bed foundation

Mattress foundations can be bought online or at mattress stores. If you’re considering a foundation like Beautyrest Low Profile Flat Foundation in Las Vegas, then the sales team can help you find the best option for you. 

  • When looking for a mattress foundation, check the warranty of your mattress. Some kinds of foundations, such as box springs, might void your warranty, so check first. 
  • Remember that box springs don’t bend. Depending on your bedroom, you might need a more flexible, lightweight foundation or slats if you have a smaller apartment. 
  • How high do you want your mattress to sit? Your foundation will add to the overall height of your mattress, which you sleep and sit at on the bed. 
  • Add up the body weight of everyone will be using the mattress. Allow for people sleeping, sitting and jumping on the bed (especially if you have young children). Add the weight of your mattress, and use these numbers when checking the weight limit of your mattress foundations. 
  • Look for features that suit your needs. Think about the height of your bed and any head and footboard attachments, if your bed has them. 
  • How easy is the mattress foundation to assemble? A cheap foundation might be appealing if you’re on a budget, but if it’s going to need complicated assembly that will stress you out, it might not be worth the savings. 

The right mattress foundation can improve your sleep quality, making your bed cooler, more comfortable and with better support. Your mattress will help with any aches and pains, and will last longer, thanks to better support and a bigger gap between you and the floor. Spend some time researching the different options of mattress support before deciding which is the best option for you and your bedroom.