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If you are searching for the perfect mattress for a great price, look no further than the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima. Designed to have a medium-soft feel and a slightly less adaptive Tempur layer to reduce cradling, this sleeping surface mimics the springy feel of traditional mattresses while offering the soft, cushioned feel Tempur products are known for. Available in Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, Split King, California King, and Split California king varieties, this soft and comfortable mattress has a 10 inch profile and a variety of other features, including:

Premium Fabric Cover

Although many people don’t think twice about their mattress cover, the premium fabric covers used on Tempur-Pedic products allows the mattresses to adapt more closely to your body. Created from super-stretchy fabric and upholstered for your comfort, this premium fabric cover is designed to stay strong and comfortable for the long haul.

SmartClimate™ System

To keep you cooler throughout the night, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima incorporates SmartClimate® technology. Made with fabrics designed to trap heat and wick away moisture, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima feels cool to the touch and helps you to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Each layer of the mattress is designed to support the SmartClimate® system, creating a comfortable, dry sleeping surface that won’t leave you feeling clammy in the morning.

Multiple Layers of Support

To create the perfect medium-soft feel, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima has three foam layers designed to comfort and support your body. The uppermost comfort layer is made from super-soft TEMPUR-ES® material that conforms to your body. Created to spring back quickly to reduce problems like divots and cradling, the comfort layer makes your bed feel fresh every time you roll over.

Because support is crucial to keep you happy and healthy, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima also contains a support layer and a base layer, each designed with special TEMPUR® material. These layers work in tandem with the comfort layer to create an unwavering level of support without increasing pressure points, distributing your weight evenly and reducing heat buildup.

Anti-Microbial Treatment

You might not be able to see them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Microscopic pathogens and dust mites can thrive inside your mattress, which is why the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima is treated with a special anti-microbial treatment. Created to destroy mold, mildew, and bacteria on contact, this treatment allows you to enjoy a healthier sleeping surface while eliminating stains and odors. If you are worried about sleeping near harmful chemicals, you shouldn’t be. All foams and treatments used by Tempur-Pedic are screened extensively for safety so that you can sleep soundly.

Compatible With Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases can help you to stay comfortable when you sleep, work, or watch TV in bed, which is why every TEMPUR® mattress is made to be compatible with adjustable bases and normal bedframes. Unlike other mattresses, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima doesn’t need to be rotated or flipped, reducing your list of chores and improving your sleep experience.

Generous Manufacturers Warranty

Since mattresses can be a significant investment for most families, Tempur-Pedic offers a generous 10-year limited warranty for the TEMPUR-Cloud® Prima. This warranty covers things like manufacturers defects, poor workmanship, and problematic materials. To read more about this warranty or how to submit a claim for service or replacement, click here.

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