Best Mattress Is Proud To Offer Serta Products

The Serta Company has been an industry leader in mattress manufacturing for the past 85 years, which is why Best Mattress is proud to offer Serta products. The Serta company began when several independent mattress manufacturers decided to pool their resources and knowledge to create a better mattress in 1931. Ever since then, Serta has dedicated their time to producing innovative products. One of their modern flagship mattresses is the iComfort Savant III Firm.


The iComfort Savant III Firm

If you love the plush, supple feel of the iComfort Savant III Plush, but you are looking for something with a little more support, the iComfort Savant III Firm might be perfect for you. This model is designed with an extra thick layer of our state-of-the-art core material, creating a supportive, yet comfortable night’s sleep. On the soft vs. firm scale, the iComfort Savant III Firm is a little more than halfway between the two, siding towards firm. This mattress is perfect for anyone that wants a firm mattress with a soft touch. Here is a little more information about the iComfort Savant III Firm:

2″ EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam

Unlike the iComfort Savant III Plush, which is topped with another layer of soft foam, the iComfort Savant III firm starts off with two inches of EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam. This memory foam is unique because it is infused with millions of gel microbeads that actually conform to your body temperature. As the beads heat up, they soften and move out of the way, offering you gentle support and a warm sleeping surface. This gel memory foam is also prized for its ability to bounce back. With EverFeel® Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam, you will feel like you are sleeping on a new mattress every time you change positions in bed. Also, because memory foam is designed to move back into place time after time, you won’t have to worry about flipping or rotating your mattress, and you won’t have to stress about pitting or cradling.


1″ Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam

To make your sleeping surface feel cool and comfortable, the iComfort Savant III Firm also contains an inch of Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam. This foam contains gel that acts as a micro support system, relieving pressure points and helping you to avoid things like muscle strain. This revolutionary gel foam also helps to move heat away from the surface of the bed, creating a cooling effect that you are sure to enjoy.


1″ Serta® Support Foam

To give your body the support that it needs, the iComfort Savant III Firm mattress also contains a layer of innovative Serta Support foam. This extra layer helps to support your body weight without feeling too firm, and it also gives the mattress more stability than other plush models.


Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core

Have you ever noticed yourself gravitating towards the center of your mattress? Because most mattresses don’t contain a support system near the edges, you might feel like you are going to fall off of your bed if you sleep near the perimeter. To ward off this common problem, Serta has included the Ultimate Edge® Foam Support Core in the iComfort Savant III Firm mattress. This core is designed with 5 lb. foam, providing an incredible amount of support where you need it the most. Also, since the core is integrated into the construction of the edge of the mattress, it increases the useable sleeping surface of your bed. In fact, research has shown that having a supported mattress edge can make a bed feel as much as 20% larger—eliminating the need for fights over that comfortable center-of-the-bed position.

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Our Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Here at Best Mattress, we are incredibly committed to customer service. In addition to offering a price match guarantee, where we will beat the advertised price of any of our competitors, or your mattress is free, we even extend this offer for thirty days after your purchase. This means that if you find a better deal on the mattress that you purchased, we will refund the difference for up to thirty days.

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