Aldridge Super Pillow Top

If you want a supportive mattress with a soft layer of cushioning that alleviates pressure points, look no further than the Aldridge Super Pillow Top by 5 Star Mattress right here in Las Vegas. Now offered by all Best Mattress stores, this economical mattress set offers head-to-toe comfort, while simultaneously giving you the support that you need to maintain proper spinal alignment. Here are just a few of the reasons customers love the Aldridge Super Pillow Top from Best Mattress.

Gentle Support Foam

At the top of the Aldridge Super Pillow Top mattress lies a thick layer of gentle support foam. This layer of special foam is designed to snap back quickly without cradling, alleviating pressure points while creating a luxurious sleep experience. The support foam also helps to silence the springs, making your sleep even more restful.

391 PostureSmart® Innersprings

The heart of the Aldridge Super Pillow Top mattress is supported by 391 PostureSmart® Innersprings. These durable steel springs are designed to compress evenly, creating an incredibly supportive, yet stable sleeping surface. Each spring is designed to maximize surface coverage, keeping every inch of your mattress comfortable and supportive. To prevent roll-off, the mattress is also fitted with a strong steel perimeter edge covered with soft foam.

Designed and Built In the USA

5 Star Mattress is a company that believes in preserving the American dream, which is why all of their products are 100% designed and built within the United States. By making their products in America, 5 Star Mattress helps to create jobs, improve the economy, and even prevent pollution—since the USA has more stringent environmental standards than other parts of the world.

CertiPUR-US Certified

Not all foams are created equally, but 5 Star Mattress only uses foams that are CertiPUR-US Certified. In order to qualify for this distinction, foams have to be created without a long list of potentially dangerous chemicals, including TCEP flame retardants, phalates, heavy metals, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde. In addition to keeping your family safe, CertiPUR-US Certified foams also protect your air quality, since they emit fewer VOCs.

Limited 1-Year Warranty

Like other 5 Star Mattress products, the Aldridge Super Pillow Top is covered by a limited 1-year warranty that protects you against issues like sagging, manufacturer’s defects, and permanent cradling.

Best Mattress: Your Source for Five Star Products

Best Mattress believes in carrying products that work for every family, budget, and sleep style, which is one of the reasons they have decided to offer products from 5 Star Mattress. This top-notch mattress manufacturer has over 20 different factories across the United States, lowering shipping costs and saving customers money. As a company, their mission is to offer mattresses made with quality in mind—without raising prices. For this reason, you won’t see advertising or marketing materials for 5 Star Mattress, but their customers keep returning to them for great products that stand the test of time.

Visit your nearest Best Mattress to explore their wide range of 5 Star Mattress products. In addition to offering an incredible selection of products and accessories, Best Mattress also makes shopping easy by offering a Price Match Guarantee, a 120-day Sleep Guarantee, and complimentary delivery and haul away of your old mattress set. Explore 5 Star Mattresses today to enjoy a better night’s sleep.