Sleep Tip #29 Side Sleep Position

There are three main sleep positions: Side Back Stomach We all have our favorite way to sleep at night that is most comfortable. What you may not know though is that many sleep specialist recommends sleeping on your side in order to rest more comfortably. Not only that, but it also can decrease your chances of interrupted sleep during the night. All variations of sleeping … Continued

Tempurpedic Mattresses in St. George, Utah

Best Mattress is a large reseller of TEMPUR-Pedic™ mattresses in St. George, Utah.  We have been locally owned and operated since 1994, offering our customers decades of experience to help them find a restful night’s sleep.  We sell some of the leading mattress brands such as TEMPUR-Pedic™, Beautyrest®, Serta®, etc. to our customers in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and now St. George Utah.  We seek to … Continued

Sleep Tip #28 Sunlight Helps You Sleep!

Who knew the sun and sleep would be a great pair? Many struggle to sleep at night and it can be a little known fact that the bright sunlight we get from our closest star every day actually helps regulate melatonin and our sleep-wake cycles. We know that it can get very hot out there, especially at this time of year. But it’s important to try … Continued

Sleep Tip #27 Sleep Is Important!

It’s no big secret that sleep is crucial to our health and our well-being. Our days can be very fast-paced and sometimes our sleep can suffer. 50 years ago, people averaged 60 to 90 minutes more sleep than they do today. A recent study found that not sleeping for 18–20 hours had the same negative impact as a blood alcohol level of 0.1. Keep this … Continued

The New iComfort from Serta, Coming Soon To Best Mattress

Best Mattress is dedicated to bringing customers throughout Nevada and Utah all of the latest technologies, which is why they are proud to present the latest iComfort model by Serta. Brand new in 2017, the iComfort mattress in Las Vegas offers state-of-the-art comfort features. Mattress manufacturers only release new models every two or three years, which means that this mattress offers a level of comfort … Continued

SPRING Cleaning Tips

  The weather has started to get even warmer, winter has faded for the season and spring is upon us! At this time of year it’s a great time to ask yourself: Are you ready to SPRING into action? Is it time to make better sleep a priority? Isn’t everyone looking to get a little more sleep? Well it’s time to get ready to change … Continued

Best Mattress Has Two Stores In St. George

Whether you live in sunny St. George or you are simply visiting your vacation home, you need somewhere soft and comfortable to sleep. For this reason, Best Mattress has two convenient locations in St. George—one on Sunset Boulevard and one right off of Red Cliffs Drive. The Best Mattress Philosophy Best Mattress believes in offering the best products and a level of customer service that … Continued

Where To Find A New Mattress in St. George

Winter is finally over and spring has sprung! It’s time to start cleaning your home to freshen up and feel like new! Dusting, fluffing, & perhaps looking at changing out some of your old and aged furniture. But something to think about as well is have you thought about your mattress? Most mattresses will last from 7 to 10 years, and may not always be … Continued

Sleep Tip #26 Exercise Daily But Not Before Bed

Exercise! It’s a great and healthy way to not only keep your body in shape but it also helps you get a better night’s rest. If you haven’t exercised that day then you can start to notice how much harder it is to get to sleep.  With all of our varying schedules there can be more of a struggle to find the optimum time to … Continued