Sleep Tip #33 How Often Should You Clean Your Bedding

How often should you wash your bedding? Not many know exactly how often they should, and many an uninformed bachelor will not wash them for months if not years at a time. A good rule of thumb is to have them washed at least once every two weeks. If you sweat at night then you should be washing once a week. Remember to wash all … Continued

Best Mattress Employee Spotlight: Jorge Garibay

Jorge Garibay came to Best Mattress in 2009 when the company acquired Mattress Discounters where Jorge had been working a delivery job. With six locations, he recalls work being slow until he joined Best Mattress. This delivery team member now happily travels between Best Mattress’ 22 locations across the Las Vegas Valley, Mesquite and Utah. Jorge is so great at navigating and troubleshooting that he … Continued

Sleep Tip #32 Should You Make Your Bed When You Wake?

You probably remember your parents telling you to make your bed every morning when you were a child before starting your day. It was annoying at times and not something you understood completely. You probably felt it was a waste of time, and we have some good news for you! The habit of making your bed in the morning may actually be bad for your … Continued

What we think of Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest boasts the most luxurious line of sleep products in the nation! Those in the mattress industry and experts in the field can certainly validate this claim. But don’t just take it from us. Consumers are not shy about voicing their opinions on the web in various blog posts, video reviews and tweets. Often, people turn to online reviews before purchasing a high-ticket product such … Continued

Your Relationship With You and Your Pillow

At Best Mattress, we provide a wide range of mattresses including the top brands and every size of mattresses available. Beyond that, we also carry many other mattress accessories to help you have a better night’s sleep. We carry mattress protectors, sheets, pillows, and more. Speaking of pillows specifically that’s comfortable makes a big difference in the quality of sleep you are getting.   Replace … Continued

Sleep Tip #31 White Noise For Better Sleep

4th of July is this week and if you are like us then many of you are looking forward to fun and fireworks with your family & friends. What we might not be anticipating though is the restless sleep that can come along with the late-night celebrations. You may still feel restless from the adrenaline of shooting off fireworks, and having fun with your loved … Continued

Why Choose A King Size Mattress

If you are like most people, there might come a day when you decide it is time to upgrade your mattress. Instead of opting for another Full or Queen size bed, you might be thinking about taking the plunge and investing in a King size mattress from Best Mattress in Las Vegas. Although it might seem like a significant investment, there is a reason King … Continued

Sleep Tip #30 Mattress Size and Space

  Do you sleep in cramped quarters? Are you sharing a bed with a spouse, a child, or maybe even a pet? This can turn sleeping into a nightly wrestling match! In order to relax you will need freedom of motion. A healthy person moves and rolls anywhere from 40-60 times in a single night! Two people sleeping on a full or double sized mattress … Continued

Beautyrest Black In St. George, Utah

Comfort and sleep go hand in hand, and it is Best Mattresses mission to provide sleepers with maximum comfort.  The Beautyrest Black® is just one of our many mattresses that we sell to unite our customers with much needed rest.  Beautyrest Black®  has been described as a mattress where “technology meets luxury.” The Beautyrest Black®  was designed by Simmons with a supportive innerspring system of 1,935 … Continued

Sleep Tip #29 Side Sleep Position

There are three main sleep positions: Side Back Stomach We all have our favorite way to sleep at night that is most comfortable. What you may not know though is that many sleep specialist recommends sleeping on your side in order to rest more comfortably. Not only that, but it also can decrease your chances of interrupted sleep during the night. All variations of sleeping … Continued