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Tempurpedic vs Purple featured

Purple vs Tempur-Pedic: Features and Benefits

At Best Mattress, we’re proud to carry all manner of mattresses and accessories from companies like Purple and Tempur-Pedic. Mattresses and accessories alike, these companies are two of the top manufacturers in the industry. Their quality is so uniformly high that it’s often difficult for our customers to choose between one or the other. We’ve […] Read More. . .
A woman sitting on a Purple Mattress

Purple Mattresses: What Makes Them Uniquely Comfortable?

At Best Mattress, we know that the right mattress makes a world of difference. That’s why we’re so thrilled to carry Purple mattresses. These unique beds use exclusive materials and a unique design to deliver a comfortable, pressure-free night of sleep. Choose from a variety of Purple models to match your comfort and support needs. […] Read More. . .
Woman sleeping in comfortable bed

Do I Need a Firm, Medium, or Soft Mattress?

Your mattress can have a big impact on your overall health and wellness. When it comes to choosing the best mattress, start by deciding whether you need a firm mattress, a medium mattress, or a soft mattress. Learn the differences between these three types of mattresses and how you can decide which type is right […] Read More. . .
A young woman covering her ears with a pillow while her husband snores in bed

8 Ways to Stop Snoring and Get Better Sleep

Sawing logs. Calling hogs. Grinding gravel. Raking the coals. Whatever you call it, snoring sabotages a good night’s slumber for everyone. Researchers at John Hopkins Medicine estimate that 45 percent of adults snore at least some of the time, while 25 percent snore regularly. But these nocturnal noises are more than just a nuisance, they […] Read More. . .
Serta Arctic Hybrid vs TEMPUR-PRObreeze Hybrid

Serta Arctic Hybrid vs. TEMPUR-PRObreeze° Hybrid: Which Mattress Is Right for You?

Great sleep requires a great mattress. You need the optimal amount of support and comfort to cradle your body through the night. Other important features include cooling and moisture-wicking to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night. We compare the Serta Arctic Hybrid with the TEMPUR-PRObreeze° Hybrid, two top mattress brands that provide adaptive […] Read More. . .
New Year Resolution to Get More Sleep

New Years Resolution: Sleeping Better

The holidays are a time of fun, indulgence, and excess as we treat ourselves and our loved ones to all manner of gifts. As this period draws to a close, though, many people commit to bettering themselves through a New Years’ resolution. Common resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, finding a new job, or other […] Read More. . .
Family sleeping in bed during Christmas season

12 Days of Christmas: 12 Products to Help You Sleep Soundly

The holiday season is in full swing! Santa is preparing for his yearly sleigh ride to deliver joy and cheer. Elves and human helpers are doing their part by hanging festive decorations, shopping, and wrapping gifts galore. The excitement is tangible, the gatherings of family and friends plentiful, but is your energy flagging due to […] Read More. . .
Stearns and Foster Estate mattress

Stearns & Foster Mattresses: Luxury Reaches New Heights

The right mattress is much more than just a cozy sanctuary to sink into after a long day. The quality of your mattress will affect how you sleep and several aspects of your overall health. Treat yourself to the best sleep you’ve ever had with a Stearns and Foster mattress. Take action to limit back […] Read More. . .
Dachshund sleeping in bed wearing pink eye cover.

How to Choose a Mattress: Sweet Dreams in Las Vegas

Generally speaking, mattresses are considered to be relatively long-term investments. Choosing the right mattress over the wrong one is the difference between sleeping well or sleeping rough. Seeing as you’ll be sleeping on it every night or the foreseeable future, it’s worth putting in diligent consideration when selecting your next mattress. The quality of your […] Read More. . .
Serta iComfort Mattress for joint pain

The Best Mattresses for Back Pain, Joint Pain, and Snoring

When it comes to mattresses, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution — each individual has their own unique needs. If you’re waking up with aches and pain, your mattress may be the reason why. At Best Mattress, you’ll find a collection of mattresses and bases designed to accommodate different sleep positions, comfort levels, and body contours. By […] Read More. . .
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